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What REALLY Is Injury Resilience & Good Mobility Training?

sandbag workouts

We have really enjoyed trying a new format to share with you great training and fitness business information. I think Jessica makes it way more fun, but we always wan to make sure that even with all the fun we have in things like our “Saturday Sit Downs” that we give you quality content.

Today we wanted to tackle something that confuses a lot of people which is injury resiliency and joint mobility training. There is so much “interesting” information floating around on these topics, we thought having the perspective of a physical therapist of over 15 years and a strength coach of over 25 years would provide some much needed context and myth busting of these concepts. We hope you enjoy these videos and if you have ideas of topics you would like us to cover just drop us a line at info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com

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ps-we are currently punishing Josh by putting him a significant time out for saying eversion when he meant inversion of the foot. No need for emails;)