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What Should I Do?

When people think about a fitness program they may think of ideas like “getting stronger”, “more fit”, “get in better shape”. While these all are positive goals, they are somewhat problematic. They are non-specific, usually leading people to train in circles because they feel like they are not achieving their goal. However, the problem usually doesn’t start with the training, but rather the goal. 

What SHOULD I be training for? 

How do I know I am doing well? 

These are questions we really should be asking ourselves. They can be difficult at times. How do YOU know what is good and if it is bringing you closer to your goals? 

People all see things like strength, endurance, and such in very different ways. Does that mean I am looking for an excuse, a reason not to give you specific measurements? Quite the opposite. 

What made DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exciting to me is that there are actually many ways that you can see if you are progressing. Some people will be excited about using heavier and larger Ultimate Sandbags. Others may be intrigued by the high level of complex movements they can perform. Some will look at the ability to do the same workout, but in less time. 

In the spirit of finding for yourself what is important, I wanted to list some standards you can use to make sure you are making progress in your training. 

-Have you tried moving from a 40 Power Ultimate Sandbag to a 40 pound Strength Ultimate Sandbag that is more unstable.

-Have you simply tried to go heavier, are you able to maintain your form?

-Are you using a larger and heavier Ultimate Sandbag? Moving from a Power to Strength, or Strength to Burly? 

-Are you taking less rest in between sets or exercises?

-Are you able to perform a more complex, less stable variation of your favorite exercise?

-Can you change to a more difficult holding position?

-Can you do more repetitions with the same weight?

These are but of a few ways you can see your own progress. Some people want me to give universal standards, but that is unfair. The way my 1000 pound squatter client, the firefighter, and the person that wants to drop 20 pounds use a Rotational Lunge is all very different. To me though, the journey of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is exciting. Making DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training right for you and not train for goals made by others, is exciting. 

Start living fitness that makes your life better, not those that people try to push upon you!

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