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What Size Of Ultimate Sandbag Is Best?

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Restoration Certification, Knees Over Toes Course, DVRT Rx Shoulder, Knees, Pelvic Control, & Gait Courses)

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Which Ultimate Sandbag size is best?

One of the main questions our customer service gets is, “ which Ultimate Sandbag should I use?” I get it though, there are 5 sizes and when it you look at the combo packages and even water/sand options, it might seem like a lot.  Especially if you are new to Ultimate Sandbag Training it may sound way more complicated than getting a dumbbell, kettlebell, or even barbell set. Since I don’t think we have done a blog in quite some time going over the actual tool itself so thought now is as good time as any so that you can feel more confident in the decision of which Ultimate Sandbag is not so overwhelming.

The reality is that ideally you should have a smaller Ultimate Sandbag and a larger one as well (I am a fan of all the 5 sizes though) . I know due to budget that can’t always be the case but I wanted to explain what makes the different sizes of Ultimate Sandbags unique. Unlike literally ANY other strength training tool, the different sizes are meant to emphasize different exercises, patterns, methods, and even goals. In other words, there is a specific intent behind each size of USB which anyone can benefit from.

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Load: The most obvious consideration for most people is the weight of the Ultimate Sandbag. Although you will find even though you can change the weight of any Ultimate Sandbag, once we start with a foundational weight we don’t change it that often. Each size Ultimate Sandbag has different loading ranges. Yes, I said ranges, that way you can load to your desired weight, change the weight, add more weight and so forth. Below are the recommend loads based on your overall fitness level.

Core: Beginner: 10 pounds, Intermediate 15 pounds, Advanced 20 pounds
Power: Beginner: 20 pounds, Intermediate 30 pounds, Advanced 40 pounds
Kick Starter: Beginner: 20 pounds, Intermediate 30 pounds, Advanced 40 pounds
Force: Beginner: 30 pounds, Intermediate 40 pounds, Advanced 50 pounds
Strength: Beginner: 40 pounds, Intermediate 50 pounds, Advanced 60 pounds
Burly: Beginner: 80 pounds, Intermediate 100 pounds, Advanced 120 pounds

Even though we don’t change the weight a lot we alter other variables to make the weights seem lighter or heavier (Coach Cory Cripe had some great blog posts explaining these concepts HERE and HERE)

beginner workout

Dimension: Dimension plays a large role in DVRT, the Ultimate Sandbag can become apart of your body, simply by the way you hold and create specific tension against the USB. I can have the Ultimate Sandbag upon my body such in a shoulder position which will challenge frontal plane stability. No other tool can you do that with.

sandbag shoulder squat

Unlike most other strength training tools, each size of Ultimate Sandbag is used for very specific drills and reasons. As Ultimate Sandbags get larger they also become more unstable due to their greater dimension.The larger USB’s of course have larger dimension than the smaller ones, so they can provide feedback that the smaller ones can not. That is why for foundational lifts like squatting, hinging, lunges and so forth a larger USB can be really beneficial, not only due the increased load but because it can provide better feedback due to the dimensions that you can not get with lets say our Core, Power, and Kick Starters. For this very reason women’s shouldn’t shy away from the larger USB’s such are our Force or Strength and men our Strength and Burly bags.


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Now, what can you do with the smaller USBs? Glad you asked! The smaller sizes such as Core and Power and amazing for correctives drills, more complex and rotational work, youth training and so much more. I will typically use more Core USB for a lot correctives based drills and then grab my Force or Strength for more foundational strength training, I go back and forth during my workouts between a smaller USB and larger USB depending on what exercise I am performing.

Below Coach Cari shows how do utilize the Strength Ultimate Sandbag for an entire body workout:


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Then Coach Robin Paget showing an amazing warmup utilizing our Core Ultimate Sandbag

You can see that each size USB has a different purpose and there is a benefit to having more than just one USB.

Typical I would recommend a Core and Force package for women’s to start with and for men our Power and Strength package, which will allow you to perform the majority of our DVRT exercises. This is why we wanted to offer something special this week so that having your DVRT training off to a strong start is more possible. For this week when you invest in any Ultimate Sandbag you can get a second of equal or lesser price for 40% off! Just use code “bogo” HERE