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Why Your Meditation Isn’t Working

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I see it in most fitness memes nowadays. On the long laundry list of things that people are supposedly needing to do to become healthier meditation almost always makes the list. Don’t get me wrong, I think promoting meditation is not a good thing, but a great thing. Most people though don’t really understand why meditation is important for fitness, even those that are writing such memes.

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Telling someone that they should use meditation is as about as useful as telling people they should eat better, workout, and work on that sleep. In other words, such advice is not really that helpful when it comes to practically applying these strategies in our lives. This can become even more problematic as there are MANY misunderstandings of how to use meditation, why it is important for both your quality of life and even your fitness, and what the goals are when you meditate.

Therefore I often hear people say that they can’t meditate, it isn’t for them, they don’t have the time, or my favorite, they can’t “clear their mind” (which isn’t actually a goal of meditation). I can’t fault people as I also hear from fitness pros that they would like to use meditation but they can’t see it fitting into their workout programs, people don’t want to do it, and other comments that show we have a large confusion about how and why meditation can be such an amazing tool for life and fitness.

That is why I wanted to sit down with physical therapist, Jessica Bento, to dispel many of these myths, help people see how easy it is to implement, how meditation relates to A LOT of different fitness goals, and more. I hope you will check out the video below as well as some examples continuing down this blog post. If we help address the deeper issues people face in their fitness journey we can help people have greater fitness success but also better lives overall.

Check out the audio HERE

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