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What’s Wrong With Corrective Exercise

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I have admittedly a special place in my heart for corrective exercise because it was being introduced to the concept of corrective exercise in the late 90’s opened my eyes to there being actual science to training. Before that I trained like most people muscles like all the fitness magazines discussed. What corrective exercise programs taught me about more than anything was how the body was designed for movement.

corrective exercise

Those first corrective exercise programs I took weren’t perfect, but compared to what is being promoted today, they were much closer to the real intent of such training. Now with social media, it can be difficult to teach complex subject matters within a 15-20 second video or even post. That has led to many to begin to dismiss or misunderstand corrective exercise and how to use it correctly.

That is why I grabbed physical therapist, Jessica Bento, for a discussion on corrective exercise and what you NEED to be considering and thinking about in its use. We go over some common misconceptions and how to get better results. You can also check out some of Jessica’s great post below our discussion to see some practical examples of how we use corrective exercise in ways that make a real difference!

corrective exercise

Jessica will be teaching our DVRT Restoration Certification in February in Northern California you can sign-up for HERE

Listen to the audio HERE