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When Mom Kicks Butt!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag For  A Mom That Kicks Real Butt! 

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402808_490688304276468_1420820956_nI just love training and teaching. I really do. It’s the only thing I have stuck with all these years, for the exception of my husband. I started teaching in ’87 and then started training in ’89, when the concept of personal training was a outlandish one, people thought it was a joke! “Who in the world would ever pay someone to work them out?” Well, it’s almost 2014 and the training world is as busy as ever and I am still training and teaching, though I only train very part time and am quite particular in whom I train. My many years in this industry continuing to develop my skills and education has afforded me such a luxury.

One of my favorite clients/friend is Ashley Miller. She is one of the highlights, of why I do what I do. She is open minded, fun, and trusts me to guide and direct her mentally and physically. I have literally seen her body transform AND watch her posture/strength of pelvis-core deepen. I have known Ashley a few years. When I met her she was training for a marathon. I met her in my TRX class, she had always done sports in school but this was her first marathon. She was going big. After the marathon, Ashley wanted to work with me, so she came to a few classes and then, after months and months of trying to get pregnant, she and her husband were successful. Voila! Twins…and bed rest!

Ultimate SandbagLet me set this up for you. Ashley is maybe pushing 5 feet, on a big hair day. Her husband is 6’5”. She is now pregnant with twins, TWINS! Do you understand what I am eluding to? Her husband is the kick-ass, tight-end, Zach Miller, of the soon to be, Super Bowl champions, Seattle Seahawks. Ashley’s training had to come to a halt, she had complications and was ordered to take it very easy. So she focused on training her body to grow some healthy baby girls and she did just that.

Once Ashley was able to find some help and the girls were sleeping through the night, we started training. She was about 5 1/2 months postpartum. Ashley had used the Ultimate Sandbag in a couple of classes but had not worked with them regularly. I couldn’t wait to implement DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training under a watchful eye and observing her progress! I wanted Ashley, in her words, to talk about using the Ultimate Sandbag. Many females think the idea of training with “sandbags” to be some super hardcore idea that may or may not appeal to them. However, focusing not on “sandbags”, but this movement based system that could really help her definitely caused her to gain more interest.


With all of the changes Ashley’s body had been through, it was more important than ever, for me, to get her intrinsic stabilizers STRONG as well as meet the goals that were meaningful to her. The Ultimate Sandbag enabled me to get it all done since the DVRT system addresses many things at once. Again, this itty-bitty thing had just had twins with a huge man so her body had been very stressed!

I asked Ashley a few questions. This is what she had to say.

Zach Miller, Ashley Miller

Ashley and Her Beautiful Family

EA: You have been an athlete for years and you have been a part of training for years. How is the Ultimate Sandbag different from any other tool used

AM: The Ultimate Sandbag is way different from any tool I’ve used simply by being this specialized fitness sandbag! Who would’ve thought that a sandbag made for fitness could kick your butt the way it does mine! There’s so many muscles being used when lifting & working out the Ultimate Sandbag that it’s impossible not to feel like you just had the best workout afterwards. To be honest, I’ve never been more sore in my life (in a good way) until I started training with the Ultimate Sandbag!

EA: Would you share a few thoughts about the first time you ever used the Ultimate Sandbag and how you felt afterwards.

Ashley with hands truly full!

Ashley with hands truly full!

AM: The first time I used the Ultimate Sandbag was in Elizabeth’s class and I thought to myself… “what is this & why are we using it?”  BUT during the workout, I never knew I could get such a good workout in a just a few moves that would normally not do anything for me if we were using just a free weight or something. It took a few times for me to get used to it but after that, it’s what I preferred.

EA: You are very strapped for time, do you find that training with the Ultimate Sandbag utilizes your time more effectively, considering your goals, than say other methods of training?

AM: YES! The Ultimate Sandbag is the best for me because I don’t have very much time and if I were to use a free weight or any other tool, it would take me a solid hour or more, to feel what I feel and have the results, with the Ultimate Sandbag.

EA: Would you mind sharing the goals you had when we started training together and your thoughts on them 3 months later?

AM: Well in the beginning, I was only focusing on the number, on the scale and so my only goal was basically to get down to 110 pounds by my twins’ first birthday. Once I started training though, I didn’t care so much about the number anymore & I really focused on getting my strength & correct form back, so I could complete a workout without feeling like I just ran a marathon! BUT I do weigh 112 pounds now & my twins are only 9 months old so I think I’ll achieve my first goal pretty quickly if I keep up with the hard work. I also feel stronger than ever now during my workouts.

Ashley doing some serious Ultimate Sandbag work!

Ashley doing some serious Ultimate Sandbag work!

EA: How would you describe the effects you have experienced, in using the Ultimate Sandbag. You were a few months postpartum. What are the greatest gains you have noticed.

AM: My body has changed a lot in the past couple months, pretty fast from training with the Ultimate Sandbag and having clean diet. I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again and can handle pretty much everything Elizabeth has me do! I’m so much stronger than I was at the beginning. It’s pretty exciting to actually like my body again.

EA: Compared to the first time you trained with the Ultimate Sandbag, now about 3 months in, how would you describe your experience in using the Ultimate Sandbag and does it ‘feel’ different

AM: At first, training with the Ultimate Sandbag was a little different and hard because it’s really tough being small and working with such a challenging tool. Elizabeth kept correcting me and making sure I was doing everything right  so I started to look forward to training with the Ultimate Sandbag.  I love the Ultimate Sandbag now and would rather train with it than anything else.

EA: What would you say to someone that has never used a Ultimate Sandbag, man or woman, and is maybe curious.

AM: Anyone who hasn’t tried the Ultimate Sandbag  should give it shot at least a couple times! It will change your body in so many good ways!  Trust me, I don’t like new things and I’m always keeping my routines the same but I’m so glad Elizabeth brought the DVRT-USB into our workouts because I don’t think I would feel the way I do today without it.

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