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Where Does Your Fitness Rank?

One of the things I am really proud of with DVRT is that we are able to connect with so many different fitness professionals in the industry. We are constantly honored that so many different programs see value in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and want to work with us on helping people and coaches get better!

That was the case a few weeks ago when we were asked to present at the FitRanx World Summit. It is a really cool program the helps give people better direction to their training and set some pretty cool goals. I thought instead of trying to explain it to you, that I would bring on the head of FitRanx, Nick Rians, to share the exciting stuff they are doing!

Loved having Nick and Tim Peterson (chief instructor) at our recent DVRT Restoration program, they were awesome!


Q: Can you tell us your journey into fitness?
A: I started my fitness career back in the Marine Corps. One of my duties in my infantry platoon was to help get the weaker Marines strong and the heavier Marines skinnier. I loved it so much that I decided to continue to train people once I left the Marines.

Q: What made you want to create FitRanx?
A: It all started when I was sitting at a business event in Vegas. The speaker asked a question, ”What do you do that is different than everyone else?” For me I had nothing. My gym provided the same services as everyone else in my area. I literally had a gym or Crossfit on every corner for 5 blocks from my location.

So I went home from that event and went to work immediately. I needed to figure out what I was better at then anyone else. RANK…was my thing. I have been in the martial arts since I was 10 and I wondered what kept me motivated for so long? It was the belt ranking. Then I thought about what motivated me in the Marine Corps. It was the rank structure. So that was how I was going to be different then my competition and a way to continue to keep my clients motivated for years.

Q: Can you tell us what FitRanx is and what makes it unique?
A: FitRanX is a fitness ranking or level system. There are 8 different levels to work through. You graduate from one rank to the next by taking a fitness test. The tests include a strength section and a conditioning section to make sure you are a well-rounded person/athlete.

Q: Why are people so drawn to using your program?
A: Trainers and gym owners are drawn in because it gives them a way to show their clients physically progressing even if they are not listening to their nutritional advice. Clients are drawn to the system because they love the short term goals presented to them that don’t always involve the numbers on the scale. It’s all about their physical performance. Plus the testing days develop such a positive atmosphere that everyone wants to be a part of it.

Q: What are some misconceptions people having about the ranking system?
A: The biggest misconception we get is clients thinking this system about competing with other people. When it’s actually the exact opposite. The testing and ranks are all about them competing with themselves and being able to physically see that they are getting stronger and better conditioned.

Q: Can anyone do your program?
A: Yes, anyone can do this program. One of the big concerns I saw when Crossfit first came out. Was that a person that had never workout before was expected to perform at the same level as other people that have been training for years. With a level progression system you can start this person off at level 1 and slowly work them up to the elite higher levels at THEIR pace. This way it prevents injury and crushed dreams:-)

Q: Is DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training something that can be used in your program?
A: Definitely! The Ultimate Sandbags can be used for certain exercises on the level tests as well as used in training to prepare for the tests. And after attending the Restoration workshop, the sandbags are perfect for people that need to rehab an injury or have specific weakness that need to be addressed before attempting to take a level test.

Q: If people want to find out more about your work and the FitRanx program how can they do so?
A: They can always go to fitranx.com to find out more information about the system.