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Where Fitness Pros Go Wrong With Low Back Pain

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Low back pain is not just something that has really bad statistics associated with it. For me, not only have I worked with SO many people with low back pain, but I was born with a spinal disease that put me in chronic low back since I was 14 years old. That put me on a mission to learn from experts in the field of therapy as well as the research on low back pain and issues so that I could help others and myself.

low back pain

Unfortunately, I see that such information isn’t common in the fitness industry. We have A LOT of bad information about dealing with low back pain, the 3 main totally wrong concepts are…

-You need to stretch more

-You need more spinal mobility

-Your low back needs to be stronger

The research does NOT support these as effective methods for low back pain, even some point to such methods as increasing issues with low back pain. That is why today I wanted to do a VLOG discussing some of the key ideas that really DO have research to support making positive changes on low back pain.

low back exercise

Don’t just watch the video though, below my vlog I have some examples of the topics I am discussing on how we make better choices in building fitness solutions to help low back pain.

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Listen to the low back pain audio only HERE


Physical therapist, Jessica Bento shows some modifications of common DVRT exercises that we can make to ensure people are working at the appropriate level. 

Thinking about addressing the goals of helping low back pain like Jessica shows can go much further in building success.