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Why Diets Are SO Unhealthy

I get it, most people that ever came to me for my help had some goal of losing weight. They could have been in the worst back pain, they still wanted to lose weight. I had an 80 year old woman who wanted to look good in a bikini (true story). Therefore, how in the world do we NOT give people diets and nutritional programs?

As I saw clients fail with such programs and wanting to jump from diet to diet I knew something I was doing was wrong. Like probably a lot of you, I didn’t know what. Generally I chalked it up to people not being serious about reaching their goals, but the reality was I wasn’t doing my best job.

To some degree it isn’t our fault, we live in a culture that has INCREDIBLY poor views on diet, health, and fitness. Thankfully, I believe life has you meet people that really help you and shape how you become better to yourself and how you can serve others.

That’s how I felt when I met Leslie Schilling a few years ago when both her and her husband Brian moved to Las Vegas the same time Jessica and I did. Both Leslie and Brian are incredibly brilliant people and it was obvious that when it came to nutrition, Leslie had a very unique view.


Here is someone who has worked with TONS of professional athletes, performers (like Cirque Du Soleil), children, and people with eating disorders who believed diets were one of the most detrimental things we could with people. I was so intrigued by her thought process and when she explained, it was as though it was the solution I had always been looking for to really help people.

So, when I could get Leslie do an interview for our upcoming Summit (you can sign-up HERE), I knew exactly what I wanted to discuss with her. This quickly became one of my favorite interviews (genuinely so!) because she answered so many of the issues that I knew were off, but her level of expertise helped explain why!

Check out the great interview I did with Leslie HERE and see why…..

diet culture

-Being successful isn’t as simple as calories in and calories out.

-Why diet culture is causing severe damage to our health and well-being.

-How to really make a difference in those that are wanting to lose weight and make a bigger impact to their lives.

-Why meal prep is not what we should be teaching people to be healthy and successful.

-How many fitness professionals are ACTUALLY breeding eating disorders, NOT health!

I hope you will be able to join our October Summit to hear Leslie speak and have a chance to have her answer YOUR questions. You can get our early bird for just a few more days and get $50 off with code “dvrt50” HERE

Can’t make it? Check out Leslie’s website HERE and her social media where she is a fun follow HERE.