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Why DVRT Fitness is For Me


DVRT Master, Annmarie Licatese (FitFoodieMama)

Ever since getting certified, I have been dying to share more about what I know and why I love the Ultimate Sandbag and Dynamic Variable Resistance Training so much. I have been training with the USB (Ultimate Sandbag) for approximately 6 years now and finally took my passion for it to the next level this past March by getting certified as a DVRT Level 2 Instructor

Before I get into the benefits, let me explain exactly what Dynamic Variable Resistance Training is. DVRT by definition is the “use of training implements that have an interior load that is not static”.  DVRT uses an unstable weight (the sandbag) along with functional movement patterns to strengthen the body in all planes of motion.

It is honestly the most versatile piece of fitness equipment that I have ever used, you can workout with it anywhere, you can benefit from it no matter your fitness level and the education and continued support by other coaches is amazing. 



Seriously, the Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT system is the most versatile functional fitness system that I have ever used. With over 400 variations of exercises, the possibilities are endless; progressive movement patterns in all planes of motion challenging stability and making you stronger.

The progression of the movement can be changed simply by the body position, how the bag is being held, the plane of motion it’s being used in and the speed of movement.

The beauty of the DVRT system is that anyone can use it from those needing corrective therapy to skilled athletes since it’s based on incremental progressions that is literally built from the ground up!


No Gym Needed.

If you’re going to invest in any single piece of equipment for your home, Ultimate Sandbag Training is the way to go. What other single piece of equipment can you think of can give you an entire full body workout, strengthen your weaknesses, help you progress in your training and be tucked away in a closet?


The DVRT system provides you with solutions on how to use Ultimate Sandbag Training to progress your training in every way. I have preached strength and conditioning benefits of the DVRT workouts as a great way to cross train with running, because it is. Dynamic Variable Resistance Training has allowed me to strengthen my weaknesses, improve my running form and increase my endurance all from the comfort of my own home!


Education + Community.

If you have any interest in getting certified in a functional training system, I encourage you to check out the DVRT Certifications. Josh Henkin, the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and DVRT system provides top notch education on not just how to use a sandbag but also how to MOVE. It’s a transformative fitness experience that will take your training to the next level. DVRT certifications teach you a comprehensive system that provide both assessment techniques and ways to safely perform each movement progression.

The best part about becoming DVRT certified is that the education doesn’t stop after you leave the classroom. The DVRT community itself is incredibly supportive; always ready to answer questions and help you reach your goals. The USB blog itself is full of resources such as educational tidbits, workouts and tips to keep you updated and always thinking.


Honestly, getting my DVRT Certification was one of the best things I have ever done. While I may just be starting to really apply it outside of the home, I feel confident in doing so given the foundation of knowledge that I now have.


With all that talk about how great DVRT is, I obviously have to share a workout! I actually made this up over a week ago and have been dying to post it.  To be clear, this is a more advanced workout; in retrospect maybe I should have started with some beginner moves. Note to self for next timeFoot in Mouth



Check out Annmarie’s Upcoming DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Workshop HERE and all our great live educational opportunities HERE!