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Why I Hate To Exercise

It may surprise you to hear me say that I HATE to exercise. I am not trying to be clever or 8582925171_2f1c1670f9_zanything like that, I actually HATE to exercise. Why? It never makes me feel good! I feel like I am not ever getting to my real goal. What is my goal you ask? It is kinda embarrassing to admit, but it is to look like these pictures of women all over the place . Pictures that make us women think we should look a certain way.

I know, I shouldn’t care, I should be me. However, look at how us women are represented in fitness. We should work out so we are sexy enough, we are pretty enough, we should train so guys notice us. You may say this is wrong, but let’s look at some of the images us women are depicted in.

If these images offend you, good! They are the common message women are told as our value.

If these images offend you, good! They are the common message women are told as our value.

While guys are told to do the same exercises to be strong, powerful, and empowering, we are made to think our value is looking good enough, sexy enough. I didn’t have to search hard for these images, I simply had to click on “images” after googling, “girls squatting”, that’s it!

When was the last time that guys were trying to be convinced of working harder on their lower body with images like this! What the hell?! Can you imagine if we started taking pictures of guys to “motivate” them to exercise with such images. I can’t!

Guess what, I don’t train half naked. I know shocking right? I care about how I look, how can I not. As the video by Jean Kilbourne (an expert in the self-image and marketing of women), shows how women have no choice. We are fed this ridiculous, literally unattainable goal of looking a certain way. It is hard, if you are a woman and you say you don’t care, I admire you, but you are also a rare breed.

The first step is to realize it isn’t our fault. Could you imagine what would happened to any buttsquatsperson if there were expectations told to them that would do nothing but make them fail! I mean, we can’t achieve what we are being shown.

I won’t lie, it is hard. It is a daily struggle to find what makes me feel good about how I look. I have a real life. I work long hours, have real stresses, I don’t have a chef, but I do have a very supportive family. In that is what I think the next step lies.

374123_406322712773268_1926488474_n1We need to appreciate what we have, we have to stop thinking about where we are lacking. When I accomplish a goal in my training, a workout, or a lift, it makes me think I am gaining something. I am doing something good for me. Not to be beautiful for others, but to feel beautiful to myself. Not physically, but mentally.

Can I sit here and say I don’t care how others see me? I would love to, but that isn’t the truth. I am beginning to learn, slowly, how to do things more for myself than others. It isn’t as though the images, the shows, etc. will ever stop. They are in our face every day.

I think what is important is that I fall in love first and foremost with myself and then healthy lifestyles. Not to do them so I look “hot”, but to do them because they make me feel good. They allow me a positive way to spend time with my family, to do something for myself, and yes, to make me feel proud of the effort I put forth.

Believe it or not, sharing this isn’t easy for me. Being on videos is something I hate, but I try to remember something Josh told me, “you are real.” As much as I would be happy to never have my face or name on anything public, what he said makes me want to venture to a point of discomfort. If what I am sharing with you makes you feel like you are not alone, you are not strange, then I think it is all worth it.

IMG_1508I want you to know that one of the most common conversations Josh and I have about our mission with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training isn’t making it elite. We want to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training something for real people, something that connects with you to do something powerful for yourself and yourself being the primary motivation. We want the feeling you get from performing a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be something special, but the beauty and why I do put myself in these positions is to inspire real people to do something powerful for themselves to change their lives for the better.

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