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Why Kettlebell & Ultimate Sandbag Training Rules!

I never was really into it, weight training wasn’t my thing. 

I grew up playing a lot of different sports, track, volleyball, tennis, golf, and of course my love, swimming. 

Never was weight training a big thing I did, so much of my time was devoted to training in my sport that we did A LITTLE weight training, but not a lot. 

Even when my athletic career was over (due to injury ironically), I became a physical therapist and STILL weight training wasn’t my thing. 

It wasn’t as though I didn’t go to the gym, I had already experienced my freshman fifteen (and then some) once my athletic career had ended and hadn’t adapted to a life without sports yet. So, when I became a physical therapist, I definitely made sure to get things under control and becoming a physical therapist, I wanted to be a good role model. 

Of course, my appearance wasn’t my only motivation to train (although let’s face it, women are judged more than a bit differently!). Feeling better from years of injuries I accumulated during sports definitely drove my training and heck, even my career choice. 

That is why when I got into DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, I saw something different. Something that really spoke to me. Probably because I wasn’t so much into how much weight I lifted, but what it did for my body by lifting it. No, not just calories burned or stuff like that, but how I would feel better, how it taught my body to move better. 



The efficiency of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training really seemed perfect for not just my goals, but lifestyle as well. The fact that I wouldn’t have to perform dozens of drills, rather just a few, to get everything from head to toe. I could train flexibility, strength, power, and endurance all at the same time.

Sure, that sounds like a sales pitch, but all of you have followed our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts know what I say is true!

When I began to add some kettlebell work with my DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training I wanted to follow the same concepts. I was fortunate to have not just my husband, but a Master RKC, teach me how to use kettlebells safely and effectively. Yet, neither of our goals were to just sub one implement for another. 

Instead, Josh taught me how to maximize the unique benefits of each. It wasn’t just about squatting with an Ultimate Sandbag or kettlebell, rather what different TYPES of squats exposed about various aspects of movement. Too many times people miss how subtle differences can mean BIG changes! 

That is why you have seen us use our Synergy DVRT Ultimate Sandbag and kettlebell programs for the past eight years! Showing people not how to just use one tool or another rather, as the name implies, there is incredibly synergy amongst the two. 



The incredible ability to be efficient, training multiple fitness qualities at once, to learn about our bodies and movement in simple, yet, incredibly effective workouts. That is why when Josh asked me to demonstrate the workouts for our new BURN program I was hesitant, but also very willing to show people how getting in the best shape of your life doesn’t have to be overly complicated, stressful, time consuming, or require you to be an expert. 

One of our major goals with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is to make great fitness accessible to as many people as possible. We believe programs like BURN do JUST THAT! So, for the next 72 hours we are giving you the chance to get 16 Ultimate Sandbag and kettlebell workouts, no, not just workouts, but PROGRAM, for less than $1 a workout! 


These aren’t randomized workouts, but a progressive program to challenge your fitness with over three months of great functional training. If you are like me, someone looking to make their body feel, look, and function better than ever, I encourage you to make a small investment that could change all of that and more!

I’m especially proud to not share with you today a video of me performing “Burn” workouts, there is a bunch of that in the actual program:) Rather, I am so excited that Josh, after 3 back surgeries in less than 12 weeks is really back at using the programs we so deeply believe in. Check it out!

Get BURN HERE for a special of 25% off with our holiday coupon code “holiday”. Purchase an Ultimate Sandbag and get the program for FREE!