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Why Most Workouts Fail

sandbag workouts

We appreciate the feedback that many of you sent us that you really like our video format to help make all the great DVRT workout information more accessible and digestible. Since so many of you thought it was to help understand DVRT but also just how to make great workouts, we thought we would do it again and help expand on what makes for effective, smart, purposeful, and fun workouts. Hope you enjoy today’s video and we will be doing more in the next few blog posts.

What are those movement patterns we said that are so foundational to building your workouts better?

We then need to remember that the movement patterns are trained by different fitness qualities.

These are based upon the variables of loading, reps, sets, rest intervals, etc.

There are other considerations to consider in this model but this is a good reference point. 

Then we have to put the pieces together and you want to see balance in your workouts and most people need to start with a good foundational program like the workouts you see below.


You can see that I did’t really have squat in the main part of the workout and that is ok! In the next workout I would make sure to use some form of squat. For example, I may want to prioritize a lateral slide front loaded good morning as my hip hinge and later in the workouts I can use a Bear Hug squat. We generally want the more complex exercise done first in the workout.

This isn’t really a circuit as I discussed as much as it is supersets. Such a model works really well if you aren’t the only one in the gym or if you want to emphasize specific qualities earlier in the workout. You see balance though, you see moderate intensity considering the exercises (less reps on more demanding movements those can really blow people up if you aren’t careful!).

Hopefully you also see we integrate multiple different tools but not randomly and not like there is an USB station, a kettlebell station, a band station, etc. They all have great purpose and fit the needs of what I would want to teach a relative beginner about better movement strength.

It really is my goal to have posts like this help guide you in how you put the pieces together in your workouts. My experience is a lot of coaches are confused what to do because there is SO much information out there and it isn’t all good! In the end, I hope you choose what I am suggesting not because “I said so”, but rather because it makes sense and you see how much we can achieve with some good foundational programming concepts for our workouts.

If you have ideas or questions you want to ask for upcoming posts please feel to send them to info@ultimatesandbagtraining.com

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