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Why People With Chronic Low Back Should NOT Exercise


When you say something that may seem crazy, it could be easy to write it off as just click bait. The truth is that chronic low back pain is quite complex and multifactorial. That is where ideas like the biopsychosocial model derives from, but this isn’t a new idea. We have known through different cultures that the body is a complex intertwined unit that reacts to many factors that stem from our body, our mind, and our environment.

Funny how different health systems share a lot of similarities the more we think of the whole person. 

Exercise CAN be beneficial, but there is A LOT to consider in what form of exercise, how intense, how much, how does our lifestyle impact the exercise we can perform, the perception of pain, medication impact, and so much more. That is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento and I sat down to discuss how we consider these variables in determining WHAT people should be doing and what is MOST important for them to learn to do first.


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