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Why THIS Type Of Core Training Unlocks Greater Overall Strength

sandbag training

I know, core training gets blown up a lot on social media. Maybe it is a crazy plank exercise, could be a loaded carry variation, it might even be some old school ab exercises. What people really don’t understand is what are they trying to accomplish through good core training and how we progress it in a sensible way.

One of the most important forms of core training is lateral core stability. Yes, you know the type of core training that you would get from a side plank. At least this is the most foundational version of the such core training and it isn’t just about “hitting your obliques”. Lateral stability is essential in injury resilience and creating the ability to demonstrate greater overall body strength.

The side plank is only one version of lateral strength training, one of my absolute favorites though is to use half kneeling. That is because many people can’t perform the side plank due to a host of different reasons and people then progress too quickly to other forms of such core training. Half kneeling is a great in between place where we can teach lateral core training and progress in a much more sensible manner.

shoulder workout

When we talk about taking the concepts of the core training that the side plank teaches to more dynamic strength training, most people just jump to things like loaded carries. As simple as walking with weight sounds, the reality is that walking is very complex and still should ‘t be loaded until we can perform drills like we show below.

That is why understanding the concepts of good core training help us create better solutions. Whether it is gaining greater appreciation for exercises we already use, or seeing there is SO much more we can accomplish than we initially thought from doing some of these drills. This is how we use the knowledge of human movement to create greater strength, resilience, and yes, more muscle!

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