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What We Get WRONG About Planks

sandbag fitness equipment

We’ve been excited this week to offer something different but also much needed to people in our new DVRT Elite fitness e-course. However, we also know that a lot of you come here to get insights to better training either of yourself or how to help others get results faster. That is why today we wanted to take today’s blog to discuss where people go wrong with planks and what we can do to get much better results. You may THINK you got planks down, but today we are going to show you what people get lost on using planks for better core stability training and definitely miss how to use our lateral drag progressions correctly.


Check out the audio discussion HERE, but make sure to come back for the videos!

Below I discuss what is the RIGHT way to think about planks and common mistakes people commit. Watch the additional videos below to see the cuing in action that I talk about and how we create that DVRT “magic” with our lateral drags and how to make sure you are using the right level with yourself and/or clients.

A way we can progress without going heavier is going in a diagonal direction with our Ultimate Sandbag drag and using bands around our feet.

Coach Peretz Scheinerman explains how to do our lateral plank drags correctly to not only execute the exercise well, but to get the results we know we can achieve!

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