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Why You Are TOTALLY Missing Out!

It has been a wild few months. We have been all over the world spreading the power of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. What’s interesting is I have been getting one question more in the last few months than I have in the first ten years!


“What made you think of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training?”


The real question people are asking is, with all the tools available in today’s fitness world, why choose something that outwardly appears unsophisticated?


To be honest, a lot was inspired by what little information I could find on training with sandbags. No seriously, there is like NOTHING on sandbag training through history. Sure a few pages here, paragraph there, but nothing substantial. Let me put it in perspective for you, the classic book on Olympic Weightlifting is Arthur Drechsler’s, The Weightlifting Encyclopedia: A Guide to World Class Performance, it is a mere 576 pages. Before we came out with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training book a few years ago, the most substantial book on the subject was 48 pages. 


That has to mean that Olympic Weightlifting is way more complex, sophisticated, and effective right? I beg to differ. 


Why is there so little on sandbag training through history? For one simple reason, I honestly believe there is one. It is the hardest, most intense, most unforgiving form of training. It works your body like nothing else and you can’t just use brute force. You must also possess agility, coordination, and good movement skills. 



Such training doesn’t bold well for the guy who favors to be strong only in the gym! There was a reason that sandbag training was such a favorite training tool of ancient warriors (going back to Egyptian times), wrestlers, and martial artists. It built what we would call no functional strength or what they though of as real world strength. What seems outwardly simple is actually a sophisticated means of teaching you how to move your body in the most natural ways possible. 


DVRT makes so much sense to our modern warriors which is why groups like the U.S. Marines are training DVRT!


You may want to not believe such things, after all, isn’t a heavy barbell deadlift a far better measure of strength than anything you can do with a sandbag? 


In order to answer this question all you have to do is lift a Burly Ultimate Sandbag of 100 pounds. Ironically, that isn’t so heavy for someone well versed in DVRT, yet, give it to anyone who has a background in strength training, other than DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training and get ready! Do it, just ask them to lift it, after all, it is just 100 pounds;) 


Watch as you see their face give you a look of utter disbelief! How?! How can 100 pounds feel so darn heavy! The simple combination of leverage and instability make a 100 pound Ultimate Sandbag feel at least double that weight on anything else!


The weight itself is just where things can get fun. Okay, now let’s start trying to move it in a dynamic manner. Sure, you can start with something easy like a Clean and Press. Just cleaning the weight to your fists quickly gets the message across. Not only is the Ultimate Sandbag no joke, it teaches you about your weaknesses, what you have been missing in your fitness. In other words, it will make you MUCH better at anything else you want to perform. 


Like what? I’ve seen people pass kettlebell snatch tests with minimal training, hit personal bests in barbell lifts, heck, even dominate obstacle races. So, I am not selling you mythology of what “use to be”, but what IS with the modern person using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. 


What is the answer? What inspired me to pursue DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training when I had other options? My inspiration came from great strongmen like Arthur Saxon, Steve, Justus, and Brooks Kubik who said that sandbags were THE toughest strength training tool out there. Why would I want anything else? Trust me when I tell you pouring  sweat in my garage with my first sandbags made me a believer. 


What would eventually come is what sandbag training always needed. A system of training, its own system! As strength experts, John Wood, said…


“My thoughts have always been that sandbag training offers many more possibilities than most people give it credit for though. Every exercise you can think of is different when performed with a sandbag. As you touch on, there can be much more to it than simply mimicking the basic movements; a sandbag can provide a style of training that no barbell or dumbbell could ever match. One reason for this is the awkwardness of the sandbag itself. A chunk of iron is dense and concentrated – thus easier to maintain its center of gravity as it is moved through space. “


If the sandbag is different, than anything else then we need to have its own system of training.  That is what this blog is all about. Sharing with you how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can make you better. At what? How about anything and everything? If you don’t believe me try this foundational DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout THEN tell me what you think!