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Why You Need Chaos Strength!

Most people don’t know that I started my career in Strength & Conditioning. I was working at the Arizona State University S & C program while I was finishing my Exercise Science degree. It was great, but as I spoke to more and more friends in the field, I realized how challenging of a profession it was. That is what motivated me to go into private training. However, I always wanted to bring athletic based training to my clients.

I believed that training to be athletic, not an athlete, was something everyone should be striving for no matter their fitness goals. If we are talking about fat loss, it is the most efficient way of doing so. Talking about overcoming aches/pains, learning to move better is key. Building muscle can’t be beat by training to be athletic.

Over the years, more and more people have embraced these ideas, but they only got parts of it. That is why when it comes to sharing what training to be athletic is REALLY all about I brought in some heavy guns with one of the best strength coaches in the business, Robert Dos Remedios.

sandbag training

Besides having been coaching for over 30 years, having worked with all types of sports at all levels, and being a teacher in the University setting and working with programs like Nike and Equinox, Coach Dos is one of the best around. That is why I wanted to bring him in to discuss athletic based training and the side of such training that MOST miss completely!

What will you learn in this interview?

-How to develop injury resilience.

-The most underrated form of metabolic and HIIT training. 

-Increase your ability to improve balance and agility.

-Build a purposeful fun and unique aspect to your training. 

-Develop strength in the most important areas to protect your knees and low back!

-Key to being real world fast and powerful!


Check out why Coach Dos’ “Chaos” method can unlock so much more in your training!

Listen HERE

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