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Why You NEED Power & Stability Training Together!

ultimate sandbag exercises

One of my greatest frustrations as a coach is people not seeing how individual fitness qualities like strength, endurance, mobility, stability, and power are ALL interrelated. You can’t develop great strength if you don’t have good mobility and stability (at best your strength will be very limited to specific positions), you can’t have great stability without mobility and vice versa. However, I think more people don’t understand that you are limited in the power you can develop if you don’t possess great stability training as well. That is why I don’t like the example of using separate buckets for training like many suggest, if you think of these fitness qualities as very individualized then you limit the functional fitness you can create.

stability training

Many of our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills cover most of these fitness qualities at once. That is one of the many reasons that DVRT is so effective. We don’t see fitness as individual parts, but how we can make them work together as they do in our daily life. If you go hiking, for example, you don’t just use strength, you need almost all of these fitness qualities working in harmony. If one is deficient then it can negatively impact your ability to use another fitness quality as we talked about.

That is why when it comes to power training, I believe our progressions should move to not just heavier loads, but more sophisticated positions and directions of our movement. It is THIS that helps us create true stability training because as performance expert, Dr. Brandon Marcello says, stability training is NOT…

stability training

By altering our body position, the position or movement of the weight, and/or the planes of motion we use, we can bring power and stability training in a meaningful way. As Strength Coach, Ashley Colon shows, this is not only possible, but greatly beneficial.

The above drills may seem cool and exciting, but how do we make power and stability training more progressive? As Taizo Omuro shows from DVRT Japan, we can simple start by taking progressively longer steps in our movements. Starting with just a Sprinter Stance and moving longer stepping actions as we become stronger and more proficient.

Strength Coach, Joel Gunterman shows that we can use different directions of our step to change planes of motion. We typically work rear step->lateral step->forward step->crossover step->then rotational


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It isn’t just about the power that we produce from these positions that enhances our stability training as well. Rather, the lowering and catching the weight to decelerate in these different ways greatly enhances our injury resilience as well. This is a much better way of building stability training and optimizing power that helps us both in AND out of the gym setting. There is much more we can cover, but this is a powerful start to make us re-think how we see both power and stability training in more beneficial ways as Filip shows below.

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