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Why You Should be Moving, Not Lifting | sandbag training

Are You an Ultimate Sandbag Training Olympian?

In our last post I spoke about the not so mysterious world of Olympic lifting. Some of it has some really great positives, however, there are also some pretty strong negatives. I can hear some people now though, “that’s not me!” What do I mean? I know, I know, YOU are the one out of many that has wonderful technique, YOU are the one that doesn’t mind dropping an easy $500 on equipment (maybe you got a steal at $400), YOU are the one that has years of building a solid strength base, YOU are the one that has no limitations in their movement skills. Yes, YOU are that one of the few that should prioritize Olympic lifting, or should you?

If you have aspirations of competing in Olympic lifting, then absolutely, you should make it the focus. However, if you are wanting to improve your fitness and athleticism I might suggest otherwise. Even though I addressed some well known negatives to Olympic lifting, there were a few that I left out and have a strong relationship with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

Why You Should be Moving, Not Lifting

Life is rarely perfect and neither should be your training!

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training: Moving vs. Lifting

Most everyday movements occur in many angles, directions, and positions. However, lifting usually occurs in the same direction, same pattern all the time. This is probably one of the most profound differences of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training even compared to popular methods such as Olympic lifting. In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we look to see the body move in different positions and angles to produce both strength and power. We could have the USB moving straight up our body like we see in the barbell, but we can be in lateral lunges, rear steps, even staggered position, something you wouldn’t ever dream (really shouldn’t) with the barbell. What does training in these different DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training positions do?

First and foremost, you ability to develop force and power goes way up. I love using a dictionary as a metaphor for your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. In most fitness programs that focus on a handful of exercises, your dictionary and vocabulary is quite small. When you think of all the options that your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training allows for your vocabulary greatly expands. In real world terms this means your ability to be stronger in more real life activities goes way up. Instead of being “straight ahead” fitness, you have the ability to demonstrate your strength is so many more means.

When you also learn to use these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills in more patterns and angles, you find that weight is not weight. Not only is Ultimate Sandbag Training not like the barbell when you use it in similar fashions (the Ultimate Sandbag is far more difficult to lift with the same weight), but when you get the Ultimate Sandbag to move you find that you can’t even compare them. This means that you can use less weight in your DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts and actually get an even BETTER result. Whether that result is burning more calories, or building more stability and strength.

The Ability to Stop!

Why You Should be Moving, Not Lifting

Most athletes suffer injuries because they lack the ability to have enough strength to stop their bodies well.

Deceleration (the ability to stop) actually requires huge amounts of strength. This is why it is one of the most common ways of causing injury. In typical Olympic lifting we don’t get an opportunity to really train this quality. With the popularity of bumpers and such, people focus on the weight going up and then are able to dump the weight and lose a very important skill of fitness. Even if you try it with the barbell, usually the elbows and shoulders take a beating, making it not a very worthwhile means of using the barbell.

Building Endurance

In DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training we believe in using the Ultimate Sandbag to help us achieve the result, not be the result. What do I mean? We can use the Ultimate Sandbag Training workouts to build strength, stability, burn fat, better conditioning, whatever we want. Because of the flexibility it allows for, you can take variations of these lifts and build incredible fat burning and conditioning workouts. Because of the high technique of barbell Olympic lifts, something not often recommended.

Easier to Learn

I would be lying if I didn’t say there was some type of learning curve with these DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises. Yet, the speed in which people can become very proficient at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training lifts is much faster. We can eliminate many of the obstacles such as wrist and shoulder flexibility. That doesn’t mean we ignore them, but we can both actively train and improve our restrictions.

I speak about this because people often become fascinated by the novel or new and forget what really drives their goals. Being successful is a motivator for all of us and while something new can give us some initial gains, what I want to see as a coach is long-term progress, especially if you are training by yourself. It would be great if everyone had a top coach to work with, but the reality is we want fitness to be a part of our life and sometimes just squeezing a workout in is accomplishment in of itself. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is never meant to be a “dumb down” version of anything, rather gives anyone the ability to experience success in their fitness program.

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