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Ultimate Sandbag Training For Better Cardio

If I ask people, “how do you measure if someone is in shape?” Most of the answers are going to revolve around “conditioning”, “endurance”, or the infamous, “cardio” concept. Interesting that most people still probably default to these ideas when it comes to fitness in real life.

Yet, most fail to realize that the debate isn’t strength or endurance, but rather in what most people THINK are these things are really what we know to be “power-endurance”. Something DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training focuses upon quite a bit!

sandbag training

This isn’t something that is just for athletes or that I go into a story of what I did “back in the day”. I am not crazy, it has been almost 20 years since I played competitive athletics. I am not trying to relive any old glory, but espouse some important lessons. One of the things I enter every workout with is a specific goal. I never go, “oh let’s just do this till I am tired”.

We still believe fatigue means effective, while fatigue definitely does surprise people in our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training programs, it isn’t the overriding goal. The reason power-endurance is so important is that we want to have the ability to repeat great levels of strength. 99% of the time in life and sport we don’t just have a brief singular effort that defines our success or not. Those cases we can probably count on one hand!

However, if you want results, getting functional fitness that means something in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is going to take some real work!

“Conditioning” Doesn’t Mean Light Loads!

I see it all the time on social media, people doing their “conditioning” or “cardio” and going with really light weights. Honestly, I think that people sometimes are just looking for an excuse not to lift what they should. This isn’t my attempt to be a tough guy or anything like that (trust me, it has been a LONG time that I would go down the tough guy road!). Rather, they aren’t doing the work they think, or getting the results they want.

Let’s get a few things clear. For one, “cardio” is really vague, in actuality most people are thinking of aerobic exercise when it comes to cardiovascular health. The reality is that both aerobic (straight work for over 2 minutes usually) and anaerobic work (more of the high intensity work for very short durations) both improve “cardio” so unless knowing what type of cardio you want to improve this doesn’t mean a lot.

As I started this post, most people want actually anaerobic endurance and “cardio”. Most of the activities that happen in our life are quick, rather high intensity, and yes, need to be repeated. Don’t get me wrong, I do aerobic activity and think people should, but c’mon, you need me to write about going for a nice hike, walking the dogs, or the many easy ways to work that into your life? Nah, I didn’t think so!

So, why are heavier loads necessary? For one, we can have strength AND conditioning if we train with the proper intensity. Most thinks this means doing way more reps, but in reality it means raising the intensity through more load.

Much of the research has pointed to using greater loads as a means of getting the hormonal changes along with muscular changes that go into achieving the fitness goals many desire. Heck, imagine doing this Ultimate Sandbag Training series with a 30 pound Power and 100 pound Burly for the guys or a 20 pound Power and 60 pound Strength for the ladies.

 That also means you are probably going to have to rest! As we talked in our last post about HIIT (you can read HERE) Rest is NOT the enemy, in fact, it is what is going to get you the major changes we talk about in HIIT workouts. When you do NOT rest is when you make the workouts almost aerobic based and lose SO MUCH of the effectiveness.
Why don’t MOST people want to do legit HIIT workouts? Because it is WORK!!!! However, like most good things, you need to actually earn the results that you want to achieve. We hope that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can inspire you to challenge yourself, but do so in a way that is fun, progressive, and empowering. So, that you can do workouts like this!
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