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Why Your Feet Impact Your Flexibility!

Why Your Feet Impact Your Flexibility!-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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It is a REALLY subtle thing with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. It is something that I wanted to make sure was a BIG part of what we did. That was being CONSISTENT! How many times can we think in life all we wanted people to be consistent. Whether it was our parents disciplining us, our boss at work, even our significant others. Having really inconsistent messages can make us feel uncertain, unsure, and I believe skeptical. 

Now being consistent isn’t all that important if the message isn’t strong. That is why when I talk about being consistent, it isn’t about the use of a “sandbag” but rather the intent of our exercises, programs, and progressions. How we look at building strength, endurance, power, and flexibility all comes from a similar mindset of looking at how the body naturally works and taking advantage of those methods to build really awesome strategies that work faster than anything we had before!

Today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training post is all about that! When we think of flexibility we often think it is about tight muscles. Heck, some may be more progressive and think of fascia, or even breathing patterns. The truth is that if we start with the most obvious things, we realize that a lot of flexibility actually begins with how we engage the ground. Yea, how we stand on our feet! Of all the things we consider “functional” there really is nothing we do more of than standing and walking (I don’t consider sitting to be very functional;). 

That is a big reason that barefoot training became such a big deal. Our feet set the foundation of how the rest of our body moves or doesn’t move well. Look what happens with people with flat feet, those that have had injuries in the lower leg, etc. You can usually trace issues in their knees, their backs, their shoulders, yes, all the way up to their necks! 

Now before you just put on your minimalist shoes on and go to town, we have to really think if that is solving our problems or causing new ones. 

I am a bit bias here, you see I have significantly destroyed my feet from years of competitive basketball. I pretty much wiped them out from anything good and have the life long torn ligaments, fused bones, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with years of athletics. So, would my problem be solved with just walking around barefoot as much as possible? Actually NO! That would be the worst thing for me because it is too much stress and I don’t have the structure to support it! 

Now, before you may think, “cool Josh, but I don’t have those problems” I want you to use my story as food for thought if you are using barefoot training right for yourself!

Just because I go barefoot doesn’t mean that my foot works smarter. What I really need is to train my lower leg and foot in a much more progressive and smarter manner. 

In our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training certifications I would make attendees perform a simple 2 minute leg swing test. It was great, you would see people cringing like they just performed their hardest workout. Their feet and hips were on fire and they just wanted to stop! Once we did people were utterly SHOCKED at how much better they moved and how lighter their bodies felt. Was it because we were barefoot? A little, but more importantly was the idea that we forced the foot to work, it had to resist movement, it had to engage the ground well, the toes had to become active, in other words, we had a very specific exercise to work the natural concepts of the foot and lower leg. 

One of my goals was to do everything better in DVRT. Was there a better way of doing even the littlest things as those end up being the BIG things! So, when I thought about this simple drill and how big of an impact it made for people it dawned on me that we could take this to a much better level! Today’s DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training video post is taking a concept that DVRT Coach, Gin Gavran, began with the DVRT Resiliency program. 

I love this series because it forces core engagement, posture alignment, and TONS of active foot and lower leg training. It is one of those PERFECT drills to do before any of your workouts because it will just make them better. You only need 3-5 repetitions and you will all of a sudden see how much your body was hiding and how much better primed it is for your actual training. 

The beauty of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is we try to make it for how the body was designed to move. Not a specific muscle or exercise. I believe exercises like this truly make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training transformation to fitness. 

Now, if you can’t perform today’s DVRT drill don’t worry! Begin with some of the work that Gin provided us with this video and build over time. You will find even well trained people find this challenging because it is not just a strength drill. You will probably also have many moments of self-discovery when you find out where your strength has been missing!

Try it out and give us some feedback HERE