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Workout Complexes Made Simple

Workout Complexes Made Simple-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

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Amazing and fast workouts may be more of a trend nowadays, but still a lot of people wonder if they really are possible to go hand in hand. After all, they sound like every bad fitness informercial ever made. Even those that are sincerely promising challenging workouts in just a little bit of time are relying on drills your body just may not be ready for. Jumps, explosive lifts, really aggressive drills. The reality is you can have a really intense workout without sacrificing your well-being. The solution? Complexes. 

ultimate sandbag training

DVRT Master Chief, Kari Negraiff, getting ready to show some of her favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training complexes. 

As many of you that may have been following our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training for some time may already know, we love to use complexes to get a high result in minimal time. Even though the term may be “complex” the concept is rather simple. We are looking to combine multiple exercises into one giant exercise. That can come in two main forms. The first being exercises that nicely flow together. Such as clean to squat to press is an easy example of a complex. 


Another complex would be completing all the repetitions of one sub group of exercises before moving to the next. For example, performing 5 bent rows, then immediately moving to 5 cleans, then moving to 5 presses without any rest. Which one is best? My recommendation is to use them both! This can be an entire workout in of itself if you go for 15-20 minutes or you can do a round or two as fantastic way to warm-up your body. 

Today I wanted to share some of our favorite DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training complexes from the past years and you can check out more HERE