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Workouts For Functional Strength & Muscle

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When you speak a different language, it takes time for people to really learn to speak it well. In our case, DVRT principles and concepts are a very different way of thinking about building functional strength and muscle because often even when people use other tools such as barbells, dumbbells, bands, kettlebells, and suspension trainers they do so with a bodybuilding mindset in mind.

functional strength

Is bodybuilding bad? Ugh, that is a conversation we will probably have in the near future because there are a lot of questions we have to ask…

-Bad for whom?

-Does it optimize these tools?

-Why are we bodybuilding versus training to the body’s natural design?

-Does bodybuilding actually work for most people?

The point though is when we are thinking about developing functional strength and muscle we are actually thinking about workouts that are very efficient and effective in how we train the body. We use exercises that challenge the entire body as the body would work in life. Funny enough, that makes a lot of people think that means you won’t look better, which is confusing that training your body in how it is designed to function wouldn’t result in great fat loss, lean muscle gain, and making you look as good as you train. How can we do it though?

Coach Greg Perlaki shows how simple in construction good functional strength and muscle programs can be with DVRT. How can you use these 3 movements for a great workout? 

x 4-6 Leg Threading Sit-Through per side

x 6-8 Clean and Press

x 4-6 Pull-ups

x 4-5 Rounds


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Coach Robin Paget shows how not only can we build better functional strength and muscle, but do so with using HIIT concepts in smarter ways. Robin is highly proficient at these movements and therefore can load them heavy enough and move efficiently enough where she can use 20 seconds of work and 40 seconds of rest. If you aren’t able to do the same you can use 30:30 protocols of work to rest.

Then we have Coach Cory Cripe showing how we can make functional strength and muscle programs really advanced. Not just for the sake of making workouts more difficult, but actually showing how we can build strength, power, stability, strength, and conditioning all at once! In these types of DVRT workouts we aren’t just making the exercises more challenging, but using them to help us get more out of our training.

Yes, there is a lot of technique that is used, but if you use the right foundations that we teach in our DVRT system and follow the progressions, getting to these types of movements is VERY realistic and you gain a better understanding of what functional training is all about!

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