A lot of organizations expect you to trust them without earning your trust first! We believe that our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training system (DVRT™) is the most powerful program in functional fitness. However, instead of asking you us to take our word for it, we do everything we can to earn your trust.

Our DVRT workshops are designed to be no risk opportunities to see how powerful DVRT can be for your business, clients, and yourself! The 4 hour DVRT workshops are designed to be an introduction to the principles, concepts, and teaching methods of DVRT and how they are so transformative to your fitness programs.

The goal of the DVRT workshops is to provide you the insights to DVRT as a system, but to also give you immediate tools and drills to help you improve your clients. This continuing education opportunity believes in overdelivering so that you can see how DVRT is truly a solution to both training businesses and programs.

From corrective exercise, functional strength, and drills to build high performance training, you will get an incredible amount of exercises and education in just our four hour program.