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Worlds Best Exercise? Ultimate Sandbag Fitness

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator DVRT Pelvic Control & Restoration)

I’ll never forget it, while at a major industry conference an attendee stopped me. They were very complimentary about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness programs we were sharing, but then there was the “but”.

They told me, “I love the MAX lunge, but I can’t get my clients to do it and I’m pretty bummed about that.” Of course with our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness program our number one goal is that people can actually use and apply the information we share with them.

sandbag fitness

DVRT Master, James Newman, teaches his son the concepts of good movement strength with the MAX Lunge. Working through proper progressions should make this a very accessible exercise. 


So you could imagine I was a bit bummed that someone thought that DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness wasn’t something they could use. Then I paused though, I asked, “did you do the progressions?” Quickly I got a slightly confused look as though to ask what did I mean?

A lot of people may not instantly look at this Ultimate Sandbag fitness drill and see MAX Lunge, but if you understand the movement behind it, such drills make sense as strong building blocks!

That is what I love about DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness more than anything, the fact we have so many layers to our drills that you just have to find where your own starting point is!

sandbag training

There is a reason that experts like Coach Dos call the MAX Lunge the world’s best exercise!


That’s why I shot this series so that you could see how we build the MAX Lunge in levels. Remember the goal of this Ultimate Sandbag fitness drill is to have a strong connection between the core, hips, and lats and develop power from this position while RESISTING rotation!

Changing how we hold the Ultimate Sandbag allows us to build important layers teaching this concept through different mediums. If you understand how we build progressions so that you CAN get people or yourself to where you wanna go. That is why we always explain that DVRT is a map and gives you direction to your training rather than just guessing! It is ONLY this way that you can truly benefit from these movements and understand how Ultimate Sandbag fitness brings our strength to life!

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