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You Have to Stay the Course

Is It Wrong to Love DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training? 

By DVRT Master Instructor Shauna Sevon

ultimate sandbag training

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To be blunt, I love Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT). No, love is not the right word, it means so much more to me than that. I’m a firm believer that if you don’t enjoy working out, you haven’t been doing the right workouts. That may sound a bit odd, how do you love something that is so challenging? Something that isn’t easy? Yet, I think back to the incredible fact there has NEVER been a workout that I haven’t enjoyed using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

What makes DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training something so powerful to me? Maybe it is the fact that I can make it something right just for me. No matter the day, the workout, anything, I can have a great DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout because I can adjust it for me. I don’t have to do what someone else does, that’s my favorite part about DVRT. Not only can I adjust every movement for different skill levels, but I can make every workout different, but purposeful. DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training makes exercise right for my life, my goals.


The possibilities are endless with DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. This is exciting, it means I don’t always have to go heavier to make progress. There is so many different ways of making for a new, exciting workout (or challenge) every day you train. Fitness should be personal, it should bring out the best YOU possible. Life is constantly changing and your fitness program needs to be flexible to be a part of your life, not run it.

That doesn’t mean not training hard, or aiming for huge goals. I am driven to get strong, to reach the top fitness level I can achieve. I know this is possible, but as a DVRT Master Instructor, so many people ask me, “but can it make you strong?”

A few DVRT Master Instructors have already spoken about the Clean and Press test, so I won’t go into too much detail, but I wanted to add my experience. When it was announced that Master Instructors would have to go through the test, I wasn’t nervous, but ridiculously excited. Everyone immediately started discussing ways to train for the test. I personally love being presented with a challenge, but I did not have to train for this one, and I truly believe that Ultimate Sandbag Training is the reason why.

ultimate sandbag trainingEven though I didn’t need another reason to be 100% dedicated to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, this was a sign of the strength and endurance it builds. My weight class has me testing with a 40 pound Strength USB. The goal was 50 repetitions in 5 minutes, I quickly found that I could achieve 50 reps in 4 minutes. As I said before, I love a challenge, so Josh had me test with a 60 pound USB. When I found out, I didn’t have much time to prepare for the heavier weight, but I managed 25 reps during the test. A week later, I was able to get 36 reps.

I was able to see continued progress because I stay focused, I stayed with the DVRT principles. That is the key, you can try to judge, debate, contemplate the DVRT concepts, but at some point you actually have to use them! When people in my gym ask me, “should I use the Ultimate Sandbag?” I ask them, “to do what?” Using the Ultimate Sandbag just to use something cool or different doesn’t equate to results. I tell them, “if you are planning on using DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training programs, then yes!”

What I get to experience myself is one thing, to watch others literally transform before my eyes is a whole different feeling. Being able to see a 60 year old woman develop not just the power, but the confidence to who can power clean a 55 pound Strength USB is a pretty incredible thing. More importantly than me thinking it was something quite impressive, SHE was so proud! Many times we forget in fitness that our job is to empower people to become the best versions of themselves, not just through the physical, but mental as well.

Ultimate sandbag workout

Shauna Sevon’s 60 year old client dominates a Strength USB

It wasn’t day one that we tried to achieve such goals. That is why I think my clients really love DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. They see a thought process, purpose, and plan. The result is they far exceed anything they thought possible and that is just really cool to see! Being able to provide people this feeling, experience, and result has made it where I have yet to train someone who doesn’t love working with Ultimate Sandbags. That is due to the system and because they realize that it isn’t the USB, but what we are trying to achieve through using the entire concept of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.

Over 50% of our population is overweight, not because they don’t know that exercise is good for them, but because most HATE it! Wouldn’t it be something special to change exercise from something people dread, hate, and despise to something that they look forward to, empowers them, and helps them excited? I know this is possible because people who never worked out before actually NOW look forward to it, and that is the best feeling in the world.


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