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You Want Train Like A Pro?

strength training

One of my goals with DVRT is to introduce our audience to the true great professionals in the health industry. I know, these people may not have the largest social media followings, but they are the ones that are doing the BIGGEST things in the industry.

Dr. Brandon Marcello is a great example! Having been the head sports performance director at Stanford, a consultant to the U.S. Military special forces, and dozens of professional and Olympic teams, it is amazing that Brandon isn’t a household name in every circle!

Well, if you do follow him online, (you can check out his Instagram HERE), you get lots of great information plus pics of his awesome family;) Most importantly, Brandon is a true teacher and coach. So, when he was willing to give me about 30 minutes of his time for this interview it was awesome.

We discuss what it is REALLY like dealing with high level athletes, the keys to buying in to a program, what does it take to be a successful professional, and why SLEEP of all things, might be the biggest key to your health and weight loss goals!

Check it out HERE and learn more by check out his website HERE