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You Will Feel These Core Exercises Like No Other

It is a serious mission of ours, introduce innovative, fun, challenging, highly effective, and low cost options to improving how your body performs and looks! Six years ago we had a wonderful representation of this with the introduction of our Ultimate Core Strap. It was so cool not only because of how dynamic the exercises were, but what they allowed you to accomplish! 

With something that fulfilled the requirements of fun, effective, and a VERY reasonable investment why did the Ultimate Core Strap disappear? It was really our fault! We had ideas of how we wanted the Ultimate Core Strap to be used, but we didn’t do a very good job of guiding our followers on how and why these drills work so amazingly well. 

We also thought people jumped way too far in their progressions and missed some of our foundational DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training drills and didn’t realize how the Ultimate Core Strap could enhance how we build better movement. 

So, to rectify this problem we are brining the Ultimate Core Strap back BUT with much more information on how you can use it to solve your training needs! We are releasing our Ultimate Sandbag Core Strap for a special low price, but also giving you 10 DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training tutorials on how to optimize some of our favorite drills to make you move, feel, and perform your best. 

Oh and one more little thing, if you invest in a Power or Core Ultimate Sandbag (HERE) you will get an Ultimate Core Strap for FREE! That’s right, we are doing so because we want you to see how amazing it is to have a complete gym with minimal investment or equipment. We want you focused on results and the empowerment that great functional fitness offers. 

Help us welcome back our Ultimate Core Strap as we have a limited amount. Check out some of the moves and grab yours HERE


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