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Zombie Apocalpyse, Robots, & Being a Better Human

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Zombie Apocalypse, Robots, & Being a Better Human-DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training

The Walking Dead is arguably the most
popular show on TV.

Its befuddling to me how the Americans
are captivated by the ‘undead’, brain
sucking, leg dragging zombies.

Fans would say it’s because the emotional
roller coaster that writers yank and tear with.

Personally I think we relate to those filthy
zombies because they symbolize the loss
of athleticism that modern American lifestyle
has been is slowly impressing upon us for the
last 60 years.

Case in point I had a recent discussion with
long time client of mine. The kind of client
that is less interested in daily PR ‘s and
MORE interested by extending the quality
and function of their movement as far into
the future as possible

Is your training really making you better, or are you being suckered into a zombie way of lifting? 

Aka being a ‘better human’ for as long
as possible.

The crux of our conversation was a lunge
matrix which included having the client
do both rear stepping and lateral stepping
lunges with the support of the TRX.

The dialogue was something like this:

Me explaining/coaching positional
importance and intent of what I’m
trying develop for her with the lateral

What made this really sink in for
my client is when did my best
‘robot’ demo as an example of
what happens when one starts
to lose their ‘athletic’ ability to
transistion in and out of various
planes of motions.

Planes of motions and being
an athlete meant nothing to
my client, all they wanted to
do is make sure they didn’t
end up like the old, rusty, robotic
person I ‘demoed’ only able to
move in linear and 90 degree

To take this a tiny step more technical
I was recently listening to the
Tim Ferriss podcast with
Dr Peter Attia where they were chatting
about Power to Weight
Ratio and how the ability to move
in frontal plane are usually the quickest
things to diminish as we age.

Along with that they discuss the fact
that lift everyone loves, the deadlift
might be good for the linear zombies
and robots.

Not so good for those who want to
be life long athlete or just be able to
take a Long Walk, Garden (like my client) or
skatebaoard with the grand kids (true story)

Here at DVRT our goal is help you
be better humans for a long as

ultimate sandbag fitness


DVRT wants to make you strong anywhere, any time, anyway!


We place a lot of emphasis on moving
in, out to and through multiple planes of
motion, with load, including but not
limited to the frontal plane.

One of my favorite DVRT to drills to
use for introducing:

– Lateral Movement
– Lateral Movement with Load
– Lateral Movement with Speed/Load aka Power

Is the drill we call the Shuck Across
this drill comes from many years spent
on the wrestling mat and the act of re-directing
an opponent with intent much like we do with
the USB in this drill.

The Shuck Across like many DVRT drills
is completly self-regulating meaning you
will get out what you put in. Which is the
reason movement is such a valued skill in
in DVRT (junk in can mean junk out)

In the video below you’lll see how to
systematically scale the the Shuck
Across to make it accessible no matter
who you work with.

If you want to take it a step further here’s
a super simple ‘Better Human’ Workout

4-5 Total Rounds

Shuck Across x 10 Round Trips
Front Load Marching x 20 seconds
Side Plank x 20 sec each side

Here at DVRT we’d rather help you
become your own hero athlete

We want you to be your own super hero





Can you become your own life’s hero if it demanded it? 

We want you to be your own life long athlete

Our mission is to give you access to be
a better life long human.

Troy M Anderson-DVRT Master Chief:
Farm kid, Driven to to spread the good word of ACCESSIBILITY of Kettlebells, Sandbags, Bodyweight Training, and UNApologetically Living | Creator of ALL things Alpha Kettlebell