DVRT Rx Gait Course


We are excited to have our second installment of the DVRT Rx series by physical therapist, Jessica Bento. With over 20 years in health and fitness as well as 15 years of practicing in a variety of areas in therapy (everything from sports rehab, neuro, and geriatric populations). Jessica has an incredible ability to make complex subjects accessible. Having taught internationally and for top industry associations like the NSCA, along with writing extensively on the subject of functional training and post-rehab training, this is a very unique program!

This program features:

✅Gait Course with five chapters/modules to help you better understand gait and its relationship to improving knee and low back issues as well as ankle and hip mobility.

✅An easy to use gait screen with video instruction along with downloadable PDF so you can utilize and screen your own clients. This screen is extremely practical and Jessica demonstrates how to take the information from the screens and put it into practical training programs.

✅3 Case studies with video and audio discussion. Jessica breaks down three very different types of clients that would be common to see in a gym setting. She explains what the screens find and how that leads to the selection of exercises and how we progress the movements.

✅3 Months of programming for each case study, over 9 months of programming! That is right, it isn’t just one cycle of training that Jessica provides for each case study. Instead, in order to demonstrate how to bring these concepts into real world fitness training, she provides 3 months of progressional training for each case study provided to address the issues found in the screen.

✅For a limited time this course will come with the L.I.F.T Gait Module giving you even more insight to locomotion, with over 100 pages of content! This module goes into great depth of every level of our system of progressional gait training. Not just to improve locomotive skills, but because walking is the most uniquely human movement pattern, we can see the BIGGEST improvements in all aspects of your training through an emphasis in gait.

This won’t be just a ton of loaded carries! In fact, you will find out why loaded carries are NOT the right starting point for most people in their gait training and how many different exercises actually make up all the components of gait that we should be considering.

Instead of just giving you random exercises, Jessica teaches over 100 drills to be used in a progressive system to find the RIGHT exercise for the issues facing you.

This is an incredible program that allows delivers great functional training education to you anywhere in the world. Have access to amazing solutions and knowledge right in your hands with this great downloadable program.


Functional training started to gain popularity in the 90’s. It was such a new idea that it never has been truly understood by the fitness mainstream. While it is difficult to argue that improving how we function isn’t essential to how we should train, the sad fact is that many either couldn’t understand how functional training improves other goals such as fat loss and muscle gain, or didn’t understand truly what functional training meant (it isn’t about replicating what we do in life). So, even a lot of what we see today as labeled as “functional” really is not.

That is why physical therapist, Jessica Bento, has been putting together a series of fitness educational courses to help people better understand what functional training really means and how it enhances every fitness goal. Her most ambitious challenge is this program in her gait program. While many fitness professionals can appreciate squatting, pushing, lunging, pulling, and hip hinging, most don’t know all that much about the movement pattern that is MOST complex and makes us MOST uniquely human…locomotion.

By itself, learning about gait is just a bunch of fun movement facts, used in the right context you will understand how it is the solution to so many challenging goals.

Wonder why you see people struggle performing a squat correctly with poor ankle mobility and knees caving in? We should probably look at gait.

Discover why loaded carries could be causing MORE dysfunction to occur with your client!

Not sure how your client has some random shoulder pain that is hard to trace to anything specific? You might be surprised how gait could shed some light.

Frustrated that no matter how much plank and mobility work you do, your clients still seem limited in how well they move and their ability to progress? Gait could provide us important information on concepts of movement we are missing that could help solve many of these issues.

gait training

Best of all, Jessica has made a program that provides practical examples to go with the science so you can see how to take real people through the steps of making the information in this program come to life. Spending time getting good at using the concepts and principles in this program will not only help you gain better insight and coaching ability in helping people, but you will truly start to understand what makes functional training so impactful!

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