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Women Tougher Than Guys? | Ultimate Sandbag Training

DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Asks…Are Women Really Stronger?

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by Jessica Bento, MSPT

I can tell he isn’t quite over it. Why? Cause I still hear him make remarks about it all the time. A couple of years ago Josh was calling my name in the middle of the night. He had gone to lay on the couch saying he wasn’t feeling so hot. When I finally responded he said he had to go to the emergency room. I asked him, “is it a 10 out of 10?” He said no and I responded how I would have to most with his response of a 7, “you will be fine.”

He got over it, but we have this discussion all the time. Are women really tougher than guys?!

After all us women have plenty of life challenges to face some serious pain, pregnancy anyone?. Ha, he wanted to go to the hospital with a 7, I bet it was more like a 5! Anyways, I often think of what we as women endure, not just in life, but in fitness as well. We are suppose to be hot, thin, but muscular, but not too muscular, strong, but athletic…anything else?

Yet, I am always reminded of the perseverance of us women all the time. I let you in on a little secret, when we first announced the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Clean and Press challenge as part of our certifications, there were quite a number of guys writing in questioning the test. Do you know that I didn’t receive ONE email from a woman?

Maybe you think that women were just too scared to write to us. Trust me, women are not shy about expressing their discontent or frustration. Instead I believe they took it as a challenge, a strong challenge! How do I know?

sandbag workoutWhen we put the Clean and Press to the test, every female master instructor that performed it, nailed it! Heck, even some tried to go up a weight class to push themselves to the limit! Sorry guys, didn’t see one of you do that!

I think there is nothing better than leading by example and I am so proud of the women that keep pushing themselves through our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training challenges. It is easy to make excuses, to think why I “can’t” do something rather than finding a way to accomplish your goals.

The strength of a woman doesn’t go just to her physical ability but her mental as well. The ability we have to push ourselves and to overcome is just darn impressive. I think more than anything, we are just use to being doubted. That some guys are surprised at what we are actually capable of achieving.

It isn’t easy, I’ve written about that before, but it is so darn rewarding. Right now I am working on my own Clean and Press test standards. Not easy considering some old injuries, but I don’t want excuses, I want to do this! In fact, I love something that we learned from DVRT Master Instructor, Steve Holiner, “you haven’t failed, you just haven’t passed yet!”

This was important for me to remember because just like anyone, I have had plenty of bad days. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, flat out tired, it takes a toll on your fitness goals. However, I am glad to have the community we have built to take away ideas, inspiration, and understand some days 100% is different from other days 100%.

Strong women training at Train For LIfe a DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Certified facility

Instead of quitting those days I think about the fact I just am working on passing. What have I found? Having such a resilient attitude has paid off! Not only have I made strides on this goal, but I have lost fat and am looking like I thought wasn’t possible. It is because I didn’t focus on what I haven’t done, but what I have. That gives me strength each day and every workout.

What are your goals? What are you working towards? Let us know how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training can help you and how we can help lead by example!

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