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Workouts That Build All Around Functional Fitness

One of the very best reasons that we like to focus on functional fitness is because it is just so darn efficient. We don’t have to choose whether to build muscle, improve our stability, train mobility, create better power, or create greater conditioning. We can do it all if we focus on what functional training is suppose to be about.

fitness sandbag

That is why these 3 DVRT workouts help us demonstrate how effective functional training workouts can be in delivering in all these aspects. There are so many levels that these movements can be performed at as well that is why we have a system rather than being married to any one exercise. Try any or all of these workouts and see how much can be accomplished with minimal equipment, space, and time!

sandbag workouts

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*programs that are apart of the sale include, LIFT Complete Series, DVRT Level I, DVRT Level II, Restoration, & PKM.

Workout 1

Workout 2


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Workout 3


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