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Why DVRT Rx Gait Will Change How You Perform Functional Training

functional training

Functional training is something I have been studying, learning, trying to base my training around for the better part of 25 years. Over the time I definitely haven’t gotten it right all the time, but I have always been passionate about truly understanding functional training because the idea of training the body as it is designed to function has just made sense to me. Of course, there is SO MUCH information out there about functional training, some good and a lot of bad, that it can make one either give up on the idea of functional training or think they are using it, but simply are not.

Those 25 plus years have been incredibly helpful though in being able to develop a great filter of what is good information and what isn’t. That knowledge makes me passionate about helping others do the same and understand what functional training is and how we use it to change people’s lives. I’ve seen it personally do just that!

Whether it was teaching a marine how to walk again after suffering a traumatic injury in the field, or helping a 70 year old man go through several joint replacements and maintain his independence, to just myself. Someone who has such a degenerative spinal disease many would be in a wheelchair, yet, I’m still able to not only walk on my own, but to train pretty hard too!

functional training

It isn’t magic, functional training requires us to understand sometimes some challenging science of human movement. The body is so complex that we are constantly learning more about it and how we really function in life. Heck, the anatomy that I learned in college isn’t the same functional anatomy we know about today. That is why I was so glad with LOTS of pushing I was able to get physical therapist, Jessica Bento, to create a functional training course that I thought the industry REALLY needed.

We love to talk about squatting, hip hinging, fascial lines, and everything in between, but the simple fact is that fitness overall does a pretty lousy job of teaching about gait. I know, it sounds crazy to teach fitness professionals about the simple act of walking right? However, if I told you that how we walk without even thinking about it is FAR more complex than any lift we do in the gym, does your mind change?

If I share with you how whole laboratories in universities and major performance centers are dedicated to examining gait would you be a bit more intrigued? How about the fact that we can see issues in one’s gait that don’t show up in pretty much any other movement pattern or screen? Not all at once at least and that is key. Gait is where we can to see EVERYTHING about the body come together at once. Strength, stability, mobility, balance, acceleration, deceleration, fascial lines, sling systems, everything you could possibly imagine has to work in great synergy for us to walk well. That is a BIG key, just because we all walk during our day doesn’t mean we do it well and compared to squatting, hip hinging, or any other movement pattern, we walk most of all!

So, why don’t we look at it? Why don’t we gather information from what we can learn about one’s gait to help shape our training programs? How is it that we don’t use the most uniquely human movement pattern to discover what we need to make sure we address in one’s training program rather than throwing random exercises into our workouts or not sure even where we are going with our training?

That is what Jessica has accomplished with her new DVRT Rx Gait Course. In this program she does a great job of making the complexity of gait something that anyone can learn and appreciate the importance of, as well as dispelling plenty of myths surrounding this essential movement pattern. Jessica goes on to offer a gait screen that will give you SO much information not just about how someone walks, but…

-How is their ankle and hip mobility?

-Is there a reason they are having issues at the knee, low back, and even shoulders?

-Can we find where the nervous system is guarding aspects of the body that lacks stability, strength, and motor control that will have an impact not just upon our gait, but how we perform every movement pattern?

-Are there issues in the body that is causing people to consistently hurt the same areas even though we train those muscle?

and so much more!

Best of all, Jessica takes her DVRT Rx Gait screen and gives 3 case studies of different ability levels and needs of people to show how we take that information and put it into a real program. Not just one workout or one cycle, but a progression of three months worth of training so you can see how everything comes together.

functional training

This program is awesome and we believe SO much in the information that we wanted to make sure we made it accessible to people so right now you can get the program this week for $39.99. With that we are including our Gait Module from our L.I.F.T. certification that has 100’s of progressions of movements that help us build from foundational to advanced gait training for FREE! However, ALL this is just for this week so just use code “gait” HERE and check out Jessica explain why this course isn’t just about gait, but about better functional training!

You can check out just the audio HERE