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DVRT Ultimate Sandbags Reborn

DVRT Ultimate Sandbags Reborn

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Man, you would think the best laid plans would be just that, well planned. As I’ve learned in 10 years of doing our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, even our best plans can run into issues. This one was a good and bad situation. We had planned on releasing our brand NEW DVRT Ultimate Sandbags January 1st of this year. What we couldn’t account for was a soaring interest in DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to the point where we couldn’t get enough inventory in, well, until NOW (almost). 

Some of you may have noticed some of our new DVRT Ultimate Sandbags appearing here and there. To be honest, we were frustrated we couldn’t do an official release, but the wait has been worth it. 

ultimate sandbag training

Of course you might be thinking, “what have you guys done now and is my old Ultimate Sandbag no good?” Well, let me reassure you, even your older DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are not only great, but will outperform ANYTHING on the market. What we try to do every year is think “how can we make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training a better experience?” 

What we try to do a lot of is listening to you, what you like, what you don’t, what can be better, and what already works really well. The cool part in bringing the first real fitness sandbag to market is the opportunity to keep innovating it. So, what’s new? Some things are subtle and some are more bold, some are more stylish and some just make the Ultimate Sandbag that much more bad ass!

Color: I always loved the sleek black look of our Ultimate Sandbag. Even though we have done special runs of different colors, I thought black just looked and lasted so great. It held up to dirt, it looked great, and they say, black looks slimming;) However, over time I thought some easier means of distinguishing the different sizes of Ultimate Sandbags was important. That is why during some brainstorming, DVRT Master, Troy Anderson, suggested the idea of making the webbing of each size Ultimate Sandbag. While the diehard DVRT Ultimate Sandbag user can tell their Cores from Powers and Strengths from Burlys, those being indoctrinated into DVRT had a harder time. So, now each size is color coded to easier identify your Ultimate Sandbag size.

Core: Green

Power: Red

Strength: Blue

Burly: Silver

You will also notice that each Ultimate Sandbag size has a matching color Ultimate Sandbag logo. Again, making it easier to identify the size, but also to guarantee people they are getting our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training quality. Trust me, it hasn’t escaped our eyes that others try to make you believe they are giving you the Ultimate Sandbag style, but time and time again they are falling way short. Unfortunately the people being most hurt by this is people we want to protect, YOU! So, now you don’t have to guess if it really is an Ultimate Sandbag, you just look for our name stamped right on it, quality every time!

ultimate sandbag training

Webbing: I’ll be honest, before I started DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training there was A LOT I didn’t know, um, webbing wasn’t definitely one of them. If you asked me about the webbing on something I would have no idea what you were talking about! However, webbing is really important in making a really great fitness sandbag. It is what makes our handles so strong and connects to our amazing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag shell. There is one small draw back, it doesn’t feel so great on the skin!

A missed rep, or so and your hand rubbing on the webbing didn’t feel so hot. Of course nothing like smacking yourself with a kettlebell or hitting your chest with a barbell, but we thought we could do better. What we did is re-engineer the whole process of putting together the Ultimate Sandbag and ran what we could of the webbing on the inside of the Ultimate Sandbag. That means less chance of any discomfort and those missed reps won’t be as a hard lesson. Plus, it just increases the great look of the Ultimate Sandbag. 

Velcro Closure: For those have been with us for awhile, you know we have experimented with the best closure system. For a long time we had buttons that went over our zippers. The purpose of this was that as you moved your Ultimate Sandbag in such very different patterns you wouldn’t have to worry about the zipper slowly opening on you. Well, buttons work well, but can be a pain to open and close over and over. The answer? We went with a thick and wide velcro mouth to give you extra support and ease in opening and closing your Ultimate Sandbag, truly a win-win!

The Shell: Probably one of the biggest questions we get is, “what is the Ultimate Sandbag made out of?” Truthfully, this is kinda a trade secret. You probably noticed we don’t use any type of canvas, Cordura or otherwise, we got something BETTER! Our material runs in density levels and we amped up the density to meet the ever growing demands that our Ultimate Sandbags see. Especially true as we have seen our Ultimate Sandbags grow and grow within military programs in some of the most extreme conditions! Greater density means taking durability to even ANOTHER level (video to come soon to show you!) 

All this said, I hope you come away with one thought. “These guys are always looking out for me!” That truly is our goal, how can we be better and how can we make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training better so you can truly do everything with the most powerful fitness tool on the market. Oh, one little thing, I have to give our staff and manufacturer just major props, we had the lofty goals of doing all this stuff and keeping one thing the same, THE PRICE! I honestly anticipated us probably having to raise the price a little to meet the improvements on the Ultimate Sandbag, but our staff did it, they worked their butts off to keep the price to same so not only do you get one of the best fitness tools, you get it at an amazing price! And now through the Memorial Day weekend you can receive 20% off our Ultimate Sandbag and any order of our SAND Ultimate Sandbags you will get a matching filler for FREE! Just use coupon code “summer” and help us celebrate the Ultimate Sandbag being re-born!