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How To Build Athleticism In The Gym

Ultimate Sandbag fitness equipment

Using the word athleticism may sound good, but it doesn’t tell us a lot about what that actually means! Sure we have the Merriam-Webster definition of athleticism as, “the combination of qualities (such as speed, strength, and agility) that are characteristic of an athlete.”

The thing though is that anyone would benefit from possessing these qualities but it also doesn’t tell us what athleticism actually looks like in a real training program. That is what leads to some crazy social media exercises being called “developing athleticism” drills. Just running, jumping, or doing what appears to be explosive exercises doesn’t mean we actually achieve these goals. That is because there still has to be intent and purpose behind everything we do.


That’s why I am glad I can actually bring a real expert in the area of functional training and building true athleticism to our DVRT community. We have had renown strength coach, Robert Dos Remedios (affectionately known as Coach Dos) contribute to our DVRT content before, but I wanted to bring him in to specifically discuss what athleticism is and how it can be truly developed in the gym.

Avoiding many of the common mistakes that not only make our training less efficient, but also can set potential problems for us in the future is what I want to help people avoid. So, I hope you will check out the interview I did with Coach Dos and you can reference some of the drills we discuss below the interview as well!

Check Out The Audio HERE

Don’t miss seeing coach Dos and some pretty amazing coaches at the National Sports Performance Association conference in Southern California. Coach Dos has given us a special discount code “bento20” for our DVRT community. Whether you train athletes or not, this is a great opportunity to learn from some top level coaches! Use the code “HERE”.


Can’t make the program? You can check out some great programs we have done with Coach Dos like our Metabolic Resistance Training program with 20% off (with code “save20”) HERE


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