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How To REALLY Help Build Healthy Knees

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I like to believe one of the major reasons we have been able to teach DVRT for almost 20 years is the fact we can see the issues people face through so many different lenses. Myself, I have worked with tons of different types of general population people with goals ranging from fat loss, to wanting to excel at their recreational sports, as well as recover from injury. At the same time, I also faced challenges having a very aggressive spinal disease, but having competed in Division I sports, Strongman, and Olympic lifting competitions. All this gives me a very unique perspective to trying to discover the best solution for people’s goals.

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Jessica, on the other hand, comes from the physical therapy world. She was taught to look at function first and can really understand what are all the variables we should consider when someone is trying to get back to their normal, or re-establish the functional capabilities to live the life they want. Whether it has been athletes getting back to their sports, or working in fall prevention clinics, that diverse experience also provides her with a lot of different perspectives.

I don’t share this to brag or more appropriately, #humblebrag, but rather to help you realize why we work so hard to earn your trust. Nowadays it can be tougher than ever to know what is good information, or who just markets really well. Without any real standards for the fitness industry, most people simply believe those with the biggest followers are the best experts. However, that is like saying Dr. Oz is the best doctor around, he may be most famous, but his reputation amongst his peers is quite different.

An example of giving you better answers is the time Jessica and I gave today to sit down and discuss the many ideas people are putting out about building healthy knees. It would be SO easy and great to say if your knee is giving you problems, then you gotta work on the knee. However, as Jessica helps me explain today, the key to healthy knees is a lot less to do about the knee itself in most cases and being aware of the many variables that can influence the goal of achieving healthy knees.

In today’s vlog we examine all those ideas and Jessica gives some really impactful ideas of how to approach yourself or helping clients build those healthy knees that won’t only allow them to train harder, but to enjoy training and make it a part of their life.

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