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Natural Fitness Training

Natural Fitness Brought Back with

Ultimate Sandbag Workout Programs

Natural Fitness Training The modern gym is a rather new invention as evident by the drastic changes we have seen in just over 100 years. The idea of exercise as we see it today is something rather new as well. In the early years of the “gym”, exercises were about executing what was seen as very natural movements. The invention of more modernized machines would completely change the manner in both we saw and performed exercise programs.

As someone that almost grew up in gyms (having gone to them since I was 14), it may seem a bit odd that I would suggest that gyms may not be optimal to fitness. Most people confuse fitness with looking shredded and as though you stepped out of a fitness magazine. Fitness is actually defined as the ability to perform a task. My hope is that you want to be able to perform all sorts of tasks. Let’s face it, the typical gym is far from set-up to help people move better, be athletic, and truly be fit.

In fact, this past weekend I got to speak with renown therapist and movement expert, Gray Cook, about this very subject. Gray was very adamant about the role of unpredictable training implements and environments being vital to our development of functional fitness. Hmmm, anyone hear some DVRT Ultimate Sandbag workout programs coming?!

Natural Fitness Training

Ultimate Sandbag Training on the Beach

Developing more and more Ultimate Sandbag workout programs I actually found myself spending less and less time in the gym. Whether it was tossing some Ultimate Sandbags into my car to head to the park, beach, or just stepping out back of my house, I found myself actually enjoying my training more and more. While liking your Ultimate Sandbag workout programs is important, was I still getting the results a gym could offer?


It wasn’t that Ultimate Sandbag workout programs really were just convenient, they were highly effective. The movements in my Ultimate Sandbag workout programs gave me feedback upon my balance, both muscular and in movement, built flexibility and help restore movement that I had lost from both a low back and neck injury (as I have written about quite extensively). Not least of all, was a challenging workout that provided the tremendous benefits of both strength and conditioning.

Ultimate Sandbag workout programs are quickly becoming part of other functional training movements. Some may even call these “minimalist” programs, however, I think it is far more than just about working with less. It is more about Ultimate Sandbag workout programs doing more than the busy, overcrowded gym could ever provide. It is about getting back to how our bodies were suppose to move and yes, exercise.

Natural Fitness Training

Ultimate Sandbag Training Rotational Lunge in the Great Outdoors

I got a little inspiration myself after seeing what DVRT Senior Instructor, Troy Anderson, came up with for an Ultimate Sandbag workout. Troy competes in both Australian rules football and a bunch of adventure races. He truly knows what it means to have to perform in less than ideal training environments.

Troy loves to perform his Ultimate Sandbag workout in the middle of his hikes. He isn’t bringing a Burly Ultimate Sandbag up with him of course, but rather, favors the Power USB for his Ultimate Sandbag workout programs. The athletic movements that are capable with a perfect balance of the instability of the USB and body movements create perfect harmony.

Why train like this when you can stack on some iron and feel like you are moving “serious” weight? The gym is far from the only place where strength can be built.  The balance of Ultimate Sandbag workout programs combine load, but more importantly the unique movements you can achieve is what makes it truly a well balanced fitness program. Using Ultimate Sandbag workout programs in this sense allows more efficient and effective workouts. Don’t take my word for it, the warmer weather is coming and a perfect opportunity to move your Ultimate Sandbag workout outside. See if instead of feeling broken down and beaten by your exercise if your Ultimate Sandbag workout makes you feel refreshed, challenged, but at the same time feeling capable of achieving all your life’s goals.

Natural Fitness Training is a post from: Ultimate Sandbag Training Fitness System by Josh Henkin