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A NEW Pyramid Of Nutrition

Megan Berner, Dietitian (Nourish To Flourish), Fitness Coach (Fitness Lying Down) Although I haven’t been a dietitian very long, I have helped many of our clients at our gym, Fitness Lying Down, and those in the La Crosse community nourish […]

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The Biggest Mistake Using Nutrition For Health & Fitness?

Megan Berner, Registered Dietitian (Nourish To Flourish), Fitness Coach (Fitness Lying Down) If you have a goal of healthy living and fitness, chances are you’ve been exposed to some of the basic elements that support a healthy lifestyle like activity, […]

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Why Stress Is Killing Your Fitness Goals

For years I struggled as a coach because honestly, I just wasn’t as prepared to help people as much as I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I could tell you the science of training, I had great training programs for […]

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