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The Physical Therapist Speaks Out!

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For the past 10 years there has been a VERY important person that has helped make DVRT what everyone sees today. She doesn’t typically like being out in front, but since she makes such a big impact upon what we are able to deliver and help us create something special, I’ve pushed her more and more to share with everyone what she has to offer. If you were guess it was “the boss”, Jessica Bento, you would be right!

With over 13 years of being a physical therapist, she had no real reason to get involved with DVRT (even as my wife) unless she truly believed in what we were trying to share with people. Having to overcome her own health issues (5 disc herniations and severely torn rotator cuffs) with DVRT is what made her want to jump into helping us make DVRT even better.

Her unique perspective to movement, health, and performance has helped us make DVRT such a dynamic program. So, I thought I would have her jump on an interview to really share with all of you, how we address issues like mobility and strength in such unique ways and answer FINALLY the questions why physical therapists and fitness pros often don’t get to work together like we all think they should!

Find out how Jessica’s perspective can open up some great answers for your goals!

Listen HERE

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