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Transforming More Than Your Fitness!

How One DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training User Gave One of Our Best Moments Ever!

Ultimate Sandbag TrainingA couple of weeks ago I shared with many of you what inspired me to get into the fitness profession. Having experienced some traumatic injuries myself, I wanted to help others regain not just their regular lives, but those they may have never thought possible.

I’ll be honest though, when you stay in the fitness industry for a long time you sometimes lose the vision. It is easy to fixated on the day to day goals of adding a few pounds to a lift, burning a bunch of calories, getting an overall good workout for your clients.

While that is positive, it does start to make you feel a bit empty after some time. After all, those of us in the fitness industry believe genuinely that fitness can be much more than losing a few pounds.

However, what are you to do? After all, a great majority of people are relatively healthy and looking to “tweak” a few things in their physiques. Then it happens. You meet someone that makes you believe that you NEED to make sure you focus upon your goals as a professional.

Sean did that for us and gave our DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training inspiration. We knew we didn’t want DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to be “just another” workout program. We also envisioned it in being something much more.

Yet, there are definitely those that have a hard time seeing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training being such a dynamic program. A fitness system that could solve so many not just fitness, but health and lifestyle goals.

We tried to keep this vision, but until Sean wrote us we wondered if we were able to really accomplish this ambitious goal.

How YOU Inspire Us to Make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Better!

Sean wrote us about a year ago. He was intrigued by DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, but really didn’t know if it was for him. This wasn’t your typical, “haven’t worked out in awhile” situation. Sean had a good reason to be doubtful.

When Sean wrote us, he was asking us if DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training could help some of his neurological issues he had developed over time. I had the belief it really could, but I had to refer to our own residential expert, Jessica Bento.

With Jessica’s background in physical therapy and neurological therapy, I needed her to put the stamp of approval. In fact, I was pretty excited when Jessica didn’t just say that it was okay for Sean to perform DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, but she really believed as I did that it was going to really help him.

As much as we believed in what DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training could do for Sean, it was still up to him to do the work! Work he did! We always loved hearing from Sean, his questions, progress, and challenges. I think in a lot of ways, Sean helped DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training to keep getting better.

How much better? Listen to Sean’s words himself!

Ultimate Sandbag workout“Well, after losing 125 lbs through a combination of healthy nutrition practices, doing suspension training for strength training (one of the only things I can do safely given my diagnosis of high functioning autism, which comes with very poor motor control and coordination as a result of senses that are totally out of whack), and jump rope for cardio, I decided I wanted to step up my game.  I wanted to keep to the realm of nonconventional training methods since conventional workouts never worked for me because I can’t safely do higher intensity barbell work and isolation training machines don’t produce functional results.  I was initially torn between kettlebell and sandbag training and decided on sandbag training because it was more economical, since adding another cup full of sand is way cheaper than buying a heavier kettlebell.  I sent emails to DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training, describing my medical issues and asking their input on whether or not they felt DVRT Ultimate Sandbag training was appropriate for me.  What I got back from Ultimate Sandbag Training was a few day’s worth of correspondence with a physical therapist going far into detail and explaining modifications I could make to the moves I could not do and suitable replacements.


I didn’t start learning about the system of DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training until after I started working out with it, and it makes a lot of sense to anyone familiar with bodyweight training.  In bodyweight training you can’t simply add more resistance as you get stronger, so as you progress you increase the difficulty and progress by way of adding skills work to your workouts that makes the exercise more dynamic and works the muscles in unique ways they would not if you simply made the load heavier.  Basically, you progress by putting some “English” on your exercises (Pool players would know what I mean).  DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training works pretty much the same way.  You see more complete workouts by progressing to more dynamic variations of the exercise that involve more movement and more instability rather than increasing the load.  It just makes sense, especially when you compare it to how bodyweight training works, and nobody will ever claim bodyweight trainign is ineffective.

This training method has afforded me increased grip strength, increased mobility, MUCH more core strength, and, most notably, better posture and form during exercises.  When I initially started the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training training plan on the membership website I put suspension training on hold for about 3 weeks.  Then one day after doing nothing but DVRT training for a few weeks I decided to go back to it and I noticed my form was significantly better doing exercises I struggled with before, and chin-up performance had actually improved despite not doing one for three weeks.  I also noticed increased endurance when running with my dog (who badly needs to get in shape himself lol).  Ollie, our out-of-shape Australian Shepherd, could not pass me in a sprint.  I don’t run regularly so I don’t practice enough to get good at it.  My speed increases come entirely from DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training.  Also, we have a big hill in our back yard that Ollie often takes his toys up to the top of.  It’s a pain to get them down because getting to the top of it used to require going around it into a neighbor’s yard.  Now, though, I can walk right up it.  It also helps a lot with my balance which is a weak point of mine.  I can’t wait to pull my motorcycle out of winter storage because I’m 100% positive the changes I’ve seen here have made me a better rider!  Doing DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training has taught me how to “listen to my body” and feel for muscles activating during movements which goes a long way in helping to get through my naturally poor motor control.


Without doing any traditional cardio at all, I can run all the way home from my bus stop (partially uphill) without pausing to take any breaks while wearing a backpack loaded with about 20 lbs of stuff, just since starting this.  It’s about 3/4 of a mile.”


Thank YOU Sean! You make us to want to make DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training better and help others who think transforming their lives, not just their fitness, is possible!

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