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The Truth of Evidence Based Fitness

sandbag workout

I’m lucky, lucky to feel comfortable enough to sometimes bring you information that has little to do with DVRT, but does give you a greater understanding of fitness overall.

Today is one of those posts! This post has very little to do with DVRT but WILL give you a much better insight into the science of fitness. In fact, we discuss one of the most misunderstood topics, what evidence based fitness REALLY means.

How? I’ve been fortunate enough to learn and become friends with one of the brightest scientists in strength and fitness around. Brian Schilling is the department head of kinesiology at UNLV here. I’ve known Brian to be incredibly smart, but hearing him speak at a recent National Strength & Conditioning Conference really got me excited to bring him to more people!

We THINK we know the science and facts of fitness, but Brian is going to show us how to really think about what we are learning.

Don’t miss this incredible interview HERE

Don’t think Brian doesn’t know what fitness is about either as though he is stuck in the lab all day! He has been a high level lifter and has worked a lot with the military in finding ways to enhance their performance. This is just too good!

Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences Department Chair Brian Schilling
(Josh Hawkins/UNLV Photo Services)
client: Diane Russell/News Center


We talked about how misunderstood the science of fitness really is and nothing demonstrates this point better than this John Oliver bit on how the media runs with small scientific facts!