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You Should Be Strong in 3-D

Today started rather ordinary. Doing what we mostly do day to day here at DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. The only difference was at noon I had an interview with a cool anti-aging group about how DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training is beneficial for those getting older. I always enjoy doing interviews because it gives us a chance to share our thought process and educate people on DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. 

For me it is also very cool because inevitably we get to make other people excited about smart functional fitness. This interview started like most, usually the person interviewing me says something like, “we don’t have a time cap, we will just go until it stops being interesting.” I think a lot of people say this because they aren’t quite sure right off the bat if we really have something unique to say. As we began, it was obvious that we had a lot of great things to talk about and well over an hour later we completed the interview. 

One of the topics that ALWAYS seems to be one of a lot of discussion is that of training multiple planes. I am really shocked in 2016 this isn’t something that all fitness professionals really get. Sadly, I am not sure most even know what the three planes of motion really are. While this isn’t a dissertation on planes of motion, I want to show you how simply and why you should use it. 

Real 3-D Training

I’ve written about this a bunch, but doesn’t hurt to put things in the most fundamental way. The most common and foundational human action is really walking. When we walk we actually move through all three planes of motion. Yet, again, when it comes to the gym, we get stuck just doing one! 

Unfortunately, most people don’t know when and how to use the different planes of motion. You can think of the planes as forward and back (as well as up and down), side to side, and rotation. The challenge comes that changing plane of motion in any exercise changes the coordination and stress of the movement. However, this is how easy it really could be.

Exercise Dominant Plane of Motion
Lateral Squats Frontal Plane
Rotational Press Transverse Plane
High Pull to Row Sagittal Plane

CRAZY workout plan right? Not really, we hit all three planes and it wasn’t anything insane. The eventual goal is to you exercise that combine planes like MAX Lunge, but this is to show you really how easy such programs can be to design. 

Here is the other perk to training all three planes of motion. Typically when you move from one plane to a more challenging (sagittal->frontal->transverse) the metabolic expense is HUGE. Even though you will probably have to drop some weight because of the decreased stability, your body works harder! Win-win right?

You can even use different planes of motion in the same exercise. That is where we create some cool DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training Flows and complexes. In order to show you seriously how simple a complicated sounding concept can be, DVRT Master and Firefighter, Jordan Ponder breaks down and awesome DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training multi-planar exercise. 


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