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Greater Happiness & The Perfect Diet?

sandbag fitness program

It is so great to be able to bring in TRUE experts to our DVRT community as the internet is full of popular people, but not necessarily actual experts. That is true for a variety of reasons, but one is that often experts are busy actually being practitioners and not really so focused on being social media influencers (yes, sometimes real experts can be successful at both practicing and social media, but that’s few and far between).

After last week’s interview with Dr. Mark Force, we had so many people excited to hear someone give real, honest, and evidence based information based on 40 years of experience (if you missed part 1 you can check it out HERE) we wanted to follow up with part 2.

perfect diet

In today’s session, Dr. Force really breaks down important topics like…

-What is it you really want from your fitness journey?

-Are your values matching up with your goals?

-Why is breathing important for many different goals like stress management, sleep, and even better core stability and it doesn’t have to be complicated!

-Why is meditation important for your health and why it isn’t having no thoughts, so how do you do it rather easily?

-How meditation can be extremely powerful for heart rate variability and health?

-When we are talking about nutrition, what is the best diet, research actually does point us to one in particular, what is it?

There is SOOOO much we cover here I hope you will either watch the video or listen to the interview below.

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Listen to the audio HERE