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How To Build Great Strength And Conditioning

People are busier than ever, so, finding ways to accomplish all we want in our workout programs in a short amount of time is a goal for many. That usually revolves around finding ways to build great strength and conditioning […]

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The Best Squat For Great Strength & Mobility

Being 6’4 and having played basketball for over 10 years when I was younger, saying the squat was NOT my favorite exercise is an understatement! I would do anything to avoid my mobility issues, movement compensations, and more by telling […]

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3 Tips To Get Powerful Workouts Anywhere!

A lot of coaches are being told they can’t help people unless they do things like they have always done them. While many will espouse the “good ole days” (not sure when that was but people keep telling me about […]

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Kettlebells vs. Sandbag Training For Optimal Fitness

  It reminds me of the epic recent battle of Batman vs. Superman. How can you possibly choose between two totally awesome things? Kettlebell and Ultimate Sandbags? The key is maybe not choosing one or the other, but to really […]

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The Smarter Way to Squat

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist   There has been a really cool recent movement to make physical therapy and fitness not just work together, but to have a seamless bridge. After all, it should make sense, the goal of both SHOULD […]

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