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What Real Core Training Looks Like

Get your FREE copy of our NEW “DVRT Jump Start Program” with any purchase of our best selling Ultimate Sandbags HERE   It is probably the BIGGEST problem I see when people are training for real core strength. They believe […]

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The Core Strength You REALLY Need!

If we had to look at two forms of strength that most people lack, it is hard to argue with lateral and anti-rotational core strength. Even in 2017, most fitness and performance programs are dominated with few exercises that take […]

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Better Squats to Unlock Your Fitness

We have long heard that squating is essential to success in one’s chosen sport. Yes, there is a lot of good evidence that squatting can improve one’s performance; however, that is not the only reason Squats are considered one of […]

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The Most Important Fitness Question

The Most Important Question Let’s face it, most of us are afraid to ask questions. Especially nowadays because social media makes us feel even more inept. I actually admire those that ask questions because it means they are actually thinking […]

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