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Unlocking Your Inner Athlete

We have so many exciting things happening with DVRT it can be difficult at times to give everything equal attention. One of the projects I am most excited about is an upcoming mini-summit I am a part of with some of the best speakers I’ve ever met. In fact, the real motivation behind this project was just to get together people that I love to learn from and have so much to offer our industry and have a place where people could interact with such awesome professionals.

I’ve been trying to give you some insights as I’ve already interviewed Dr. Brandon Marcello (HERE if you missed it),  I have nutritionist Leslie Schilling coming up next week, and yesterday got to catch up with someone I’ve known for almost 20 years, Alwyn Cosgrove!

At first glance you may wonder, “why would I be interested in obstacle course racing training?” That is of course unless you are interested in obstacle course racing right? It was actually a way for Alwyn to discuss some important topics that many pros really miss out upon…..

-How do we keep people engaged with fitness when cosmetic goals are either reached or have lost interest?

-How do we build functional fitness and what does that really mean in a more holistic manner?

-A sport like OCR doesn’t rely just on “how much you can lift” so how do we think about strength differently, how do we prepare for the unexpected, and how do we go about being more thoughtful of what movement strength means?

-Lastly, what is the impact of making people feel part of something and helping them think of goals that could create a longer difference in their fitness and well being.

alwyn cosgrove

That is why I know you are going to enjoy this interview as much as I did doing it with Alwyn! This summit will be very intimate so make sure to get your spot ASAP. We are offering $50 off the Early Bird (which WILL end next week) with code “dvrt50” so jump on over and really get a phenomenal experience that will be something that truly changes how you see training, resilience, nutrition, and making people better!

Sign up HERE

Listen to Alwyn’s interview HERE

alwyn cosgrove