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Do You Know Stability Training?!


There is no doubt that functional fitness topics like stability training are hot debated ideas. Largely because we do a poor job defining and understanding what stability training really means and what type of results we expect. It can be polarizing as some believe that stability training is how much we can wobble or wiggle as we perform an exercise. Heck, I even had a recent conversation with a strength coach about stability training at a conference and hearing his thoughts on stability training were honestly, pretty disturbing.

Instead of just telling you my own or DVRT’s perspective on stability training, I thought I would bring out a “big gun”! Dr. Brandon Marcello has been on our DVRT blogs before, but I wanted to specifically pick Brandon’s brain about what stability training actually means and how we should think about it in our training.

stability training

If you haven’t heard about Brandon before, you are missing out! He has one of the most extensive resumes in the industry and has been a part of some huge programs like….

-Co-founder of EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance, a premier performance center in the world)

Performance Director for programs like…

-USA Softball

-Stanford University

Additionally Brandon has been a consultant with professional sports teams from EVERY sport as well spends a lot of time helping the U.S. Special Forces program. Yea, he knows a bit when it comes to stability training!

Check out the interview HERE and change how you think about stability training. Don’t miss Brandon at our special 1-day summit in October HERE. Save $50 off our Early Bird for the next 72 hours with code “dvrt50”. This is going to be truly a game changing event. 

Also check out Brandon’s website HERE