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How Core Strength Makes Us Stronger & More Mobile

When people think about core strength, A LOT of different things come to mind. That is why in part 1 (you can read HERE) I wanted to give a more definitive perspective upon what we mean about core strength. Building […]

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Squats That Save Your Knees Part 2

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Creator Of DVRT Rx Healthy Knees, DVRT Restoration, Shoulder & Pelvic Control Courses) How does someone go from having excruciating pain when they squat to being able to not only squat pain free but do so with […]

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Exercises to Help Low Back Pain

If there is ANY topic I am hyper sensitive to it is that of low back pain. I am sure if you have been following us for any period of time, you know my struggle with low back pain. That […]

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A Better Way of Building Core Strength Part 1

When it comes to making people better I have found no faster way than improving core strength. Hopefully if you have been reading our blogs for any time, you know that when I refer to core strength I’m not just […]

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