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Rotational Exercise: The Controversy Of Functional Training

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist Functional training is a philosophy that both connects and divides much of the fitness industry. The largest issue I’ve seen with “functional training” is that it is actually more of a philosophically based means of training […]

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How to Make POD Workouts Smarter

Cory Cripe, DVRT Master (Creator of DVRT Dynamic and Movement Strength) “Its not the load that breaks you, its how you carry it.” An amazing quote from the great Lou Holtz. The sad fact is right now gyms, coaches, and […]

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Top Core Training Drills You Need!

Jessica Bento, Physical Therapist (Co-Creator of DVRT Restoration, Shoulder & Pelvic Control Courses)  I am sure you have felt it or even heard someone say, my hips feel out of place, something feels “stuck”. I can’t tell you how many […]

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